10 Quick Tips To Stay Motivated!

Written by BB Lee

10 Quick Tips To Stay Motivated! by BB Lee (c)2002

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Lack of incentive and motivation in running a home based business will soon lead to big time business losses. Check outrepparttar following motivational tips to keeprepparttar 117472 "fiz in your biz!" Adapt them to fit your unique situation.

1. Change your routine. Do you hitrepparttar 117473 keyboards at noon? Try working early mornings or inrepparttar 117474 evening. A simple change in routine might be all you need to stay motivated.

2. Learn something new. Learning new things will drive up that attention meter. Now isrepparttar 117475 time to flex that learning muscle. Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language? How to write computer programs? Rev up those brain cells and get busy.

3. Network. Find others in your local community or Online who are inrepparttar 117476 same profession. Exchange ideas or simply correspond. This will give you a fresh prospective on your business.

4. Join a group with similar interest. Are you into party planning sales. Join a party planning or sales group Online. Exchange sales ideas and new marketing techniques. Check out relevant message boards.

5. Stay current. Read allrepparttar 117477 latest news on your business. Return to school, take workshops. Study allrepparttar 117478 latest gadgets, widgets. Your mind will be too busy to be bored.

6. Expand your business. That's right. If you design websites. Why not teach others to design websites. Expandingrepparttar 117479 business might lift you out ofrepparttar 117480 old "I'm bored" syndrome.

All The Comforts Of Home Or Home Office!

Written by Diane Hughes

Withrepparttar continued explosion of small business startups these days, home office setups are becoming more and more of an issue. You need allrepparttar 117471 standard equipment of a brick and mortar business, but can you afford them? And does it really make a difference? The answer to both questions is yes!

Many home business entrepreneurs feel that if they don't have clients stopping by, they don't need to have a good office setup. An old desk, your child's forsaken bookshelf, a chair fromrepparttar 117472 kitchen table, and a miscellaneous table or two will work just fine. The rest is just fluff.

However, consider these things. Every human being responds to his/her surroundings in one form or another. When your "office" looks like a professional place of business, you actually respond by being more professional with your clients and vendors. But more importantly, "leftover" desks and chairs are normally not as comfortable as furniture specifically designed for an office. When you spend a tremendous amount of time at your desk, you physically need it to be as comfortable as possible.

Chairs that provide little support, desks that don't offer enough space or aren't ergonomically correct, and a setup that does not lend itself to ease and functionality often cause back, neck, shoulder, and eye strains. These may only manifest themselves inrepparttar 117473 form of fatigue at first, but eventually can develop into more serious conditions.

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