10 Profitable Ways To Elevate Your Subscriptions

Written by Ken Hill

1. Swap sponsor, feature, classified or solo ads.

Use your unique selling proposition to create ad copy for these swaps and also in all your promotions for your ezine.

2. Swap "thank you" page ads.

Promote other ezines onrepparttar page your new subs are taken to after filling out your subscription box or form in exchange for those publishers doingrepparttar 124187 same for you.

3. Provide a bonus for subscribing to your ezine.

Increaserepparttar 124188 value people place on your bonus by posting testimonials for it, telling people how much it would be worth if you were to charge for it, or by telling them how many people have already received it.

4. Submit your ezine to ezine directories.

Get your ezine listed in as many of these directories as you can. This will increase your subscriptions and also hasrepparttar 124189 added benefit of helping you to find more new advertisers and also other ezine publishers who would like to swap ads with you.

5. Submit your ezine to ezine announcement lists.

Many ezine announcement lists will allow you to submit an announcement for your ezine on a weekly or monthly basis at no cost, giving you good ongoing promotion of your publication.

10 Valuable Tips For Ezine Publishers

Written by Ken Hill

1. Write your own articles.

Your articles will give you an effective way to build up your status as an expert by sharing your tips and advice with your readers.

Your articles will also help you to effectively promote your business through your resource box atrepparttar end of your articles.

Use your articles to get more subscribers by submitting them to article directories and announcement lists with a resource box that promotes your ezine.

2. Recommendrepparttar 124186 products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscriber base.

If you've earnedrepparttar 124187 trust of your subscribers your recommendations will help you to successfully increase your commissions.

Only recommend products you can honestly vouch for and that you believe can meet your subscribers' needs.

3. Swap ads with other ezine publishers.

You could swap an ad for your ezine or for your business with another ezine publisher in exchange for publishing her ad in your ezine.

Try to swap ads for multiple issues and track your ads so that you'll know which ezines arerepparttar 124188 best ones to continue swapping ads with.

4. Swap "thank you" page ads with other ezine publishers.

Promote other ezines onrepparttar 124189 page your new subscribers are taken to after filling out a form or subscription box to join your ezine in exchange for those publishers promoting your ezine on their "thank you" pages.

In addition to swapping ads on this page, you can also swap recommendations with other ezine publishers to get even more powerful promotion from your "thank you" page swaps.

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