10 Profitable E-zine Joint Venture Ideas!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. You could ask an e-zine publisher to trade solo, sponsor or classified ads. Ifrepparttar e-zine has a larger circulation you could offer to run more ads.

2. You could ask an e-zine publisher to run your ad in return for a percentage of each sale. The offer is usually more successful if your product is brand new.

3. You could ask an e-zine publisher to run your ad in exchange for getting your product at no cost. It is more persuasive if you let them try outrepparttar 124400 product.

4. You could submit your article to e-zine publishers. They would receive valuable content and you would get free publicity.

5. You could offer an e-zine publisher new content by writing an original column for each issue. They're always looking for original content for their readers.

Top 7 e-Publishing Tips

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

I write these tips as a reminder to myself, as well as trying to give you a little insight intorepparttar wonderful world of newsletter publishing. Each of these tips below are items that I have already learnedrepparttar 124399 hard way and sometimes still forget. Nobody's Perfect!

1) Write What You Know:

Dorepparttar 124400 world a favor, don't write about auto mechanics, if you're an art designer. Your newsletter topic should be something you have knowledge about. You may be able to fake it for awhile, but sooner or later you'll be found out. You can't operate a newsletter or any business for that fact, if you don't haverepparttar 124401 background to back it up.

2) Listen to Your Subscribers:

I'm not saying that you should change your format because you have one complaint. But, if 75% of you readers don't like something, you had better make changes and pronto. Too many newsletter publishers haverepparttar 124402 misguided opinion that they ownrepparttar 124403 newsletter. Wrong, your subscribers ownrepparttar 124404 newsletter. Consider them your stockholders. You may berepparttar 124405 CEO, but your stockholders should haverepparttar 124406 last say. If you go againstrepparttar 124407 majority of your stockholders, you'll lose. Whether you agree withrepparttar 124408 reader's comments, answer all emails personally, professionally and as soon as possible. Don't forget to give credit where credit is due. If a reader makes a suggestion that appeals to you, make sure that they know it. Maybe even offer them a plug in your next issue.

3) Speeling and Grammer:

That's right, it looks like crap. It only takes a minute to use a spell checker. Use it! Go through each issue with a fine tooth comb. I have on occasion forgot to use it for one reason or another, usually because I'm in a rush. I pay for it each time it happened, inrepparttar 124409 way of at least one complaint.

4) Word of Mouth is a Powerful Tool:

Always..Always ask your readers to recommend your newsletter to their friends, family and co-workers. Chances are some of them will. Word of mouth is not limited to your readers either. Talk about your newsletter with friends, acquaintances and associates. Tell them what you do and how you think they would benefit from your eZine. Remember every subscriber counts, especially when it comes to advertising prices.

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