10 Pointers on College Loan Consolidation

Written by Georgio Heberto

Should I consolidate my college loans or not?

1. Still in school, yes! Rates are low, but they're scheduled to go up. Your college loan payments will then remain as manageable as possible when you leave school. If you have graduated, or will be graduating this May or June, yes! Graduates can lock in historical low rates, and reduce their monthly payments more than half. You can lock in a rate even while still in school, and even if you have been out of school for a couple of years can get a good deal, too.

2. The newest twist inrepparttar consolidation puzzle isrepparttar 139514 "in school consolidation", affecting students who are currently enrolled and will be enrolled pastrepparttar 139515 July 1 consolidation. You can consolidate your existing college loans now to securerepparttar 139516 low rates for at least part of their student loan portfolio.

3. Consolidating could save thousands of dollars in interest payments on college loans. There are impending student loan rate changes and new interpretation of regulations byrepparttar 139517 Department of Education, also, Congress is considering endingrepparttar 139518 fixed-rate program. Experts are urging students to consolidate to relieve themselves of a higher debt load.

4. Many students and families are looking for a simple, clear answer about whether to consolidate college loans or not. The simple answer is to take some ofrepparttar 139519 bite out ofrepparttar 139520 debt by loan consolidation. You could live like a miser and save as much money as possible or consolidate your federal student loans now.

5. For students still in school, you have an opportunity to choose consolidation. Consolidating would put a college loan borrower into repayment status, butrepparttar 139521 student can defer payments until after graduation by making a deferment request. Consolidating today can have payments put off until graduation.

6. The federal loan program allows consolidation, which is when a borrower pools his student debts together so that only one monthly payment is necessary, rather than several. It's not justrepparttar 139522 convenience of one payment that is making consolidation so compelling. The most significant aspect ofrepparttar 139523 program is that it allows a person to permanently lock in a lower interest rate on loans. These loans are backed by, or granted directly by,repparttar 139524 federal government.

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Massage Therapy Training Institute

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Looking for an alternative and quality education program? Holistic Junction is delighted to present Massage Therapy Training Institute asrepparttar featured school ofrepparttar 139489 week.

The Massage Therapy Training Institute exemplifies its high standards of educational commitment by providing a comprehensive curriculum and professional instructors that incorporaterepparttar 139490 philosophy and strong belief inrepparttar 139491 healing power of touch. Their mission is to '...provide focused and efficient career-oriented training inrepparttar 139492 natural healing arts; and to launch our graduates into successful, fulfilling careers while helping them to achieve lifetime health, wellness and well-being for themselves, their families, and their community....'

Located inrepparttar 139493 Show-Me state, in Kansas City, Missouri,repparttar 139494 Massage Therapy Training Institute is approved byrepparttar 139495 ABHES, IMSTAC,repparttar 139496 Missouri Dept. of Higher Education andrepparttar 139497 Kansas Board of Regents,repparttar 139498 National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; and member ofrepparttar 139499 Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals, as well asrepparttar 139500 Better Business Bureau.

The Massage Therapy Training Institute offers a 600-hour Massage Therapy program which includesrepparttar 139501 following comprehensive courses:

The Massage Therapy Training Institute also offers two more educational opportunities: 300-hour Wellness Consultant & 350-hour Energy Healing Programs.

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