10 Online Marketing Secrets Your Competition wish you will never know.

Written by Patrick Ravi

Dazed, confused and bemused. This are few terms commonly used by repparttar new player online. And we sure know how they feel, don't we? Let me put it this way,repparttar 102029 new player can easily get dazed, confused and bemused byrepparttar 102030 onslaught of information and opportunities (legitimate or scams) onrepparttar 102031 Internet. These same groups of people, sad to say are vulnerable to everything new that appears online. Many a times they end up as casualties inrepparttar 102032 Internet gold rush, without ever really making anything close to what we call real money online. Just today I read a true story of a person who has been online for 5 years (I repeat 5 years). He had joined everything underrepparttar 102033 sun. From MLM to Online casinos. And he confesses, that after all these years he has just started on his own website this year to playrepparttar 102034 big boys game. This is what he wrote " In allrepparttar 102035 preceding history it may have become apparent to some of you already that I did not do what some of you did from day one". Man! What can I say! When you think about it, can you really blame this guy? Don't forget along withrepparttar 102036 massive amount of opportunities, you can also be distracted by new FREE softwares, new free product downloads etc. Why just recently I got distracted by an Online Jukebox. Without realizing it, halfrepparttar 102037 day was gone. I had to slap myself and get back to work.:D Like my grandmother (maybe some of yours too) always said, "Anything worthwhile achieving always needs your total attention and focus". What arerepparttar 102038 key elements that you as an Online Entrepreneur need to focus on? 1. You should have a daily and monthly marketing regimen. Doingrepparttar 102039 things that has to be done without being distracted. Other than R&D one of your primary goals online would be to stay FOCUS. 2. How is your e-mail signature? By developing a compelling e-mail signature you are able to brand yourself and your products. 3. Start writing articles in your area of expertise. Make a list of ezine publishers in your target market group to whom you can submit these articles monthly. (With their prior permission of course). Add your resource box below your article, writing a brief description of yourself inrepparttar 102040 third party. Include your e-mail and website address for future

Be True

Written by Monique Rider

The concept of “being true to myself” seemed foreign to me for most of my life. I would listen to others instead of myself; or I would listen to my doubt instead of my intuition. That’s probably why I kept receivingrepparttar same messages over and over again. When I finally started to live in integrity and follow my heart, an amazing shift took place. Now my "self" almost demands that I live true to my values.

In trying to be true to ourselves, we often make some unusual (and unpopular) decisions. They feel good to us but, at times, may be not quite politically correct. We proceed withrepparttar 102028 decision but thenrepparttar 102029 doubt pops into our head. Did I makerepparttar 102030 right decision? What will they think of me?

Doubt can play very silly games with us. Even though, at times, we need to pay attention to its nagging feeling - other times it can destroy our hard earned effort to "be true". If you go to allrepparttar 102031 hard work of thinking out a decision, listening to your intuition, and logic - then you also have to trust that process and not let doubt (or what others think) ruin your accomplishment of being true.

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