10 Must Haves for Your Best-Selling Ebook

Written by Kori Puckett

Content People Want

Now before you say "Duh", this is where many people mess it up. Before they can even get outrepparttar gate they're destined to fail because they create a product that nobody wants. Sort of defeatsrepparttar 108422 purpose.

You don't want to just make money with your product (otherwise, you won't be making money for long), you want to fulfill a want/desire of your customers or satisfy an obsession (aka hobby ;) of theirs. You want to genuinely help them, satisfy their "craving" so to speak.

Having content that people want isrepparttar 108423 number 1 must-have for having a potential best-seller on your hands. (You'll see why I say potential in a minute).

An Online Audience Willing to Buy

Even if you have content that people want, those people have to be online and easily accessible. You're going to be selling a digital book, after all.

People may wantrepparttar 108424 latest Harry Potter book offline, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'd be willing to buy an ebook aboutrepparttar 108425 subject online. Some things just don't do well online.

That's why it's important to test to see if you have an online audience and if that audience is willing to buy what you have to offer. One ofrepparttar 108426 easiest ways to do that is to find ezines and forums that reach your target market and survey their subscribers/members. You could have several product ideas inrepparttar 108427 survey and ask their opinion on each.

Go to www.google.com and type in "(target market/niche topic + ezines"). For example, if I wanted to see if there were any ezines for tennis enthusiasts, I'd type in "tennis ezines".

Professional Image

Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover must have said it beforerepparttar 108428 Internet was invented. A picture really is worth a thousand words here.

Just like you wouldn't be tempted to buy from a clunky-looking website, so you wouldn't be willing to buy a product with a cheap graphic. (Or would you)?

Either have a professional looking graphic, or don't have a graphic at all. Your sales will only hurt with a poor-looking ebook cover.

Either way, don't kill yourself or waste your time trying to create a graphic if you aren'trepparttar 108429 best artist inrepparttar 108430 world or don't know a lick about web graphic design. Either use a cover template, buy some ecover software, or hire a professional online graphic designer.

Targeted, Unique Bonuses

Why, you ask?

Let's say you sell a product very similar to others inrepparttar 108431 market. With one difference. You don't have a bunch of ebooks that have been around for eons (and that have nothing to do withrepparttar 108432 main product) as bonuses. You have bonuses that you've created (or product by others you've packaged together) yourself.

And if people want your bonuses, then they're going to have to buy through you. You'rerepparttar 108433 only person they can get them from!

Unique bonuses can be others' products packaged together in a unique way...

...or, even better, something that you develop yourself.

For example, let's say you have a product a product on ezine publishing. You could take someone else's ebook on interviews with ezine publishers and someone else's ezine publishing software that you have resell/redistribution rights to and make a package that you callrepparttar 108434 Ultimate Ezine Publishing Package, or something like that.

Andrepparttar 108435 same principle applies here as it does withrepparttar 108436 creation of your main product--you don't have to createrepparttar 108437 content from scratch.

Or you could do it from scratch and create your own ebook on interviews with ezine publishers or develop your own software (or have it developed for you).

A Home Onrepparttar 108438 Web

That includes giving your ebook it's own domain name and a website with reliable web host. It makes your ebook that much more special.

You can get domain names really cheap nowadays. They used to cost you $70/$80 dollars annually, but now you can get them for under $10. Just do a search on Google for "cheap domain registration" or "cheap domain names".

Whichever domain name registration service you use, make sure you have control over your domain name. This allows you to move it to whatever web host you want to, in case you have trouble with any of them.

And with your web hosting service, make sure they provide 24/7 customer support. And that you have at least 99% uptime, web based control panel to make changes to your website in addition torepparttar 108439 ftp capabilities, access to a secure server license (even if you have to pay extra for it), and email accounts.


Another "Duh" point. No traffic=no people looking at your salespage=no customers or leads. I'll suggest some ofrepparttar 108440 usual things you might have heard (or will hear soon enough, if you haven't), becauserepparttar 108441 usual does work.

Forget ffa link pages and free classified sites and even safelists. Those things have never worked for me. You'd have to spend weeks, even months, on those before you even see any results. And by results, I mean, one or two hits to your site. You can download my free report Settingrepparttar 108442 Record Straight On Free Advertising for seven dos and don'ts of free promotion online.

Writing articles has worked for me. That's my number one traffic/lead generation method (mainly because it's free...and I like writing). The best thing about having your own ebook is that you won't have to writerepparttar 108443 article from scratch. You could choose an excerpt, or parts ofrepparttar 108444 ebook, from your ebook asrepparttar 108445 article, then link torepparttar 108446 product offer in your resource box.

Self-promote using a powerful pitch

Written by Brenda Koritko

You meet important job search contacts every day. The people you meet when you complete routine tasks, such as shopping or taking your children torepparttar local ball field, may knowrepparttar 108421 person you want to meet or they may have friends or family working inrepparttar 108422 industry you are targeting. Plan to userepparttar 108423 first 30 seconds of every initial face to face meeting to deliver a brief "infomercial". Start with a smile and make eye contact before you deliverrepparttar 108424 introduction you have prepared.

Don't worry about looking too pushy. People generally like to talk about their jobs and most are more than willing to provide assistance to folks looking for opportunities in their field. In addition, since employers tend to hire qualified people that are recommended by their employees, by using this opportunity to advance your career, you have also provided an occasion forrepparttar 108425 person you are meeting to gain recognition in their workplace.

Prepare a 15-30 second sound bite that highlights your uniqueness in a pleasant, but persuasive, manner. You will grabrepparttar 108426 attention of more listeners when you prepare your introduction based onrepparttar 108427 question "What's In It for me?" fromrepparttar 108428 perspective of potential employers. For example, what have you done to improve revenues, increase production, or reduce costs at your present or past jobs, or through your association with any volunteer or leisure-related organizations?

Be concise, but makerepparttar 108429 first minute count by offering information that you have determined will interestrepparttar 108430 person you are meeting. Think ofrepparttar 108431 benefits you offer your clients, customers, coworkers, and supervisor. If you are not sure, ask them, you will discover that they rightfully value actions that you take for granted.

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