10 Music Download Legal Points

Written by Vicente Applegate

Everybody's doing it: downloading music and sharing files. People who share music files onrepparttar Internet argue that downloading is legal; today they can be sued byrepparttar 139698 record industry. Can one be sued without a great intrusion into personal lives of an individual?

1. Enjoy music downloads from safe and legal sources. Getrepparttar 139699 facts and notrepparttar 139700 scare tactics, about online music services.

2. The prosecution has to able to prove, with adequate evidence, thatrepparttar 139701 IP address used for music downloads can be linked torepparttar 139702 person accused of illegal content sharing. There is a growing concern for "privacy". Legal experts worry aboutrepparttar 139703 "intrusiveness" of Internet monitoring in order to prove a court case.

3. These IP address--numbers--given to user byrepparttar 139704 ISPs are dynamic and change rapidly. The starting point is to establish that there is enough bona fide evidence to prosecute.

4. It is difficult to a pin an IP address on any one person. The IP numbers that some ISPs assign to their users can change from one "session" torepparttar 139705 next. The music industry must be able to link file-sharers to specific IP addresses atrepparttar 139706 times those addresses were used for file sharing.

5. Since their are personal freedoms involved,repparttar 139707 courts want to make sure thatrepparttar 139708 individual is revealed torepparttar 139709 public.

6. These copyright allegation lawsuits are a minefield, because they involverepparttar 139710 personal information ofrepparttar 139711 defendant.

7. In Canada, under its privacy laws, people are protected through court confidentiality orders. Inrepparttar 139712 United States,repparttar 139713 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) must get a order to revealrepparttar 139714 downloader's identity.

Podcasting Tools

Written by S. Housley

Podcasting is increasing in popularity and, realizing that many are interested in providing audio content in a podcast, we have assembled a collection of tools that make creation, promotion and listening to podcasts a little easier.

1.) Podcasting Tools - Podcasts are simply RSS feeds that contain audio content. By using a combination of RSS and podcast related tools users can use this new communication medium.. The following tools assist webmasters in using RSS and podcasts to maximize their time:

Tools for Listening to Podcasts Listen to Podcasts -Listen to Podcasts - Many RSS readers now include podcast support. The reader allowsrepparttar user to viewrepparttar 139658 contents ofrepparttar 139659 cast before making a decision about listening. Podcasts that are deemed important can be flagged or set to auto-download. The following are some tools for listening to podcasts:

Podcast Receiver - Podcast Receiver is a free client used to keep up-to-date onrepparttar 139660 latest and greatest podcast feeds without any effort. The Podcast Receiver manages podcast subscriptions and schedules automatic scans for new podcasts. http://www.primetimepodcast.com

FeedDemon - FeedDemon is a desktop client that can retrieve and organize RSS feeds fromrepparttar 139661 internet. It comes pre-configured with several news-feeds, and you can easily add your own by addingrepparttar 139662 URL for an RSS feed of your choice. FeedDemon offers an attractive and easy-to-use interface with integrated web browsing. http://www.feeddemon.com

Create Podcasts - As podcasts have become increasingly popular, radio personalities and hobbyists have struggled to find a solution to create podcasts, not realizing that podcasts are simply RSS feeds which merely contain an audio component inrepparttar 139663 enclosure field.

FeedForAll - Desktop software used to create, edit, manage, publish RSS feeds and podcasts. New podcasts and feeds can be quickly and easily created with FeedForAll. Podcast feeds generated by other means can be automatically repaired so that they conform torepparttar 139664 RSS 2.0 specification. Existing feeds can be enhanced to contain advanced feed properties, and give them a more professional look. http://www.feedforall.com/podcasting-tutorial.htm

2.) Podcasting Articles and Tutorials - Articles and tutorials based on podcasting and RSS. The articles are designed to demystify podcasting and Really Simple Syndication for users and publishers.

Podcasting Articles - Podcasting Tools contains a collection of articles related to podcasting and RSS that assist both broadcasters and listeners in deciphering RSS and podcasting. http://www.podcasting-tools.com/podcasting-articles.htm or repparttar 139665 articles can be read in an RSS feed reader. http://www.podcasting-tools.com/podcasting-articles.xml

RSS Articles - RSS Specifications contains a collection of articles related to RSS and news feeds that assist both publishers and users in deciphering Really Simple Syndication. http://www.rss-specifications.com/rss-articles.htm or repparttar 139666 articles can be read in an RSS feed reader. http://www.rss-specifications.com/article-feed.xml

3.) Podcast Directories - Directories make finding podcasts easier.

Podcasting Station - A categorized podcast directory that allows visitors to search for podcasts that are topic-specific. http://www.podcasting-station.com

Podcast Bunker - Before Podcast Bunker adds a podcast to their list, they first listen torepparttar 139667 podcast for audio quality and content. They only list what they think arerepparttar 139668 very best podcasts. They add new podcasts as they are submitted for review, and as they find them. http://www.podcastbunker.com

Podcasting News -Popular podcasting directory. All podcasts are categorized by topic, making it easier for listeners to find podcasts of interest. http://www.podcastingnews.com/forum/links.php

4.) Podcasting Graphics - Websites that have podcasts available use colorful graphics to indicate to website visitors that podcasts are available for specific content.

Podcast Graphics - Create custom podcast graphics in seconds. If you wish to customize your podcast buttons and are crunched for time or lacking artistic abilities, use this free online podcasting graphic tool that is cabable of creating a podcast button. The button's color and text can be customized to suitrepparttar 139669 creator. http://www.feedforall.com/podcasting-graphics.htm or create custom graphics http://www.feedforall.com/public/rss-graphic-tool.htm

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