10 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Link Directory

Written by Tony Simpson

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Link Directory

When adding a link directory to a web site there are important mistakes to avoid, or else you'll be storing up big problems for later on. I know, because I made some of these mistakes and didn't have anyone to offer any advice or tell me what I'm about to tell you.

  1. Don't create a directory page with all your links on one page. You should have no more than 30 - 40 links to a page. The reason is that some sites will not link to you if a page you put their link on has too many links, because it dilutesrepparttar value ofrepparttar 143890 link to them. To understand why, you need to know about Google Page Rank and how it's passed to another site from your link page. That's a subject too lengthy for this topic.

  2. Plan your link directory on paper first and decide what names you are going to give each category in your link directory. Makerepparttar 143891 names fit withrepparttar 143892 theme of your site and try to avoid adding categories which are nothing to do with what your site is about.

    For example if your site is about Making Candles and Candle Accessories, don't have link categories for Computers & Games, or Search Engine Optimization etc. The reason is that if you want your site to achieve a good ranking withrepparttar 143893 search engines your site should be built tightly around your theme, in this example Candles.

  3. Only link to web sites that relate to your site theme and have something to offer your visitors. This refers to item 2. If you don't have categories for unrelated topics, you'll be less tempted to link to them because you don't have a category to put them in.

  4. Choose names for link categories that you want to use now and inrepparttar 143894 future, because you can't easily change them later on. Oncerepparttar 143895 pages are created by your link manager software, it will userepparttar 143896 category names you give it. So if you have a category called "Candle Power" it will create an html page called Candle-Power.html or something similar, using your category name. Once this page is found and indexed byrepparttar 143897 search engines, in time it will gain Page Rank.

    If later, you changerepparttar 143898 category name to "Candle Lights"repparttar 143899 link manager software will create a new page called Candle-Lights.html and you will loserepparttar 143900 page rank you had gained forrepparttar 143901 earlier page. If your link partners linked to you becauserepparttar 143902 page you put them on had a good page rank, renamingrepparttar 143903 page will cause this page rank to fall to zero. As a result your link partners may droprepparttar 143904 link they have back to you, which is not what you ever want to happen.

  5. Avoid having sub-categories or sub sub-categories in your directory from your main category pages. The reason for this is again to do with how search engines will rank your directory pages. If your directory pages are more than two levels or two clicks away from your main index or home page they will either not be indexed by some search engines, or if they are indexed they will achieve a lower ranking. Some web sites will not link to you ifrepparttar 143905 page you are to putrepparttar 143906 link on is more than 2 clicks away from your home page because these webmasters know what I've just told you.

The Importance Of Incoming Links And Reciprocal Links

Written by Tom Worsley

Building a web site is onlyrepparttar first step in a long process when starting an online internet business. You need traffic to your web site andrepparttar 143777 best way to get traffic is through incoming links from other sites.

Incoming links come in a variety of forms. Some rank higher in quality than others as far asrepparttar 143778 search engines are concerned. The major search engines, Google included will rank your site higher in their listings depending onrepparttar 143779 amount of quality incoming links you have from other sites. Atrepparttar 143780 time of writing this article it appears that incoming links that do not require you to link back are of better quality than reciprocal linking which does require you to link back.

One ofrepparttar 143781 ways to get quality incoming links to your site without linking back is to submit your site to as many directories as you can. The top 2 directories are Yahoo andrepparttar 143782 Open Directory Project. But there are literally hundreds more directories that you can submit your site to for free. You can find a few directories on my blog atrepparttar 143783 following link. Submit Your Site To Directories.

Another way to get good quality incoming links without linking back is to use and take part in as many discussion groups and forums as you can. Make sure you usrepparttar 143784 signature feature and add a link to your website using your targeted keywords inrepparttar 143785 signature. Each time you post in a forum you will be leaving behind a link to your web site.

The next topic require a bit of work on your part but writing articles like this one can create hundreds if not thousands of incoming links to your web site. Atrepparttar 143786 bottom of this article and all other articles that I write I leave a bio or aboutrepparttar 143787 author section. In this section I have links to my websites. I post these articles everywhere in article databases and eĖmail it to newsletter publishers inrepparttar 143788 hopes that they will use my article in their newsletter and or web site. This is so popular right now thatrepparttar 143789 pros are saying if you are not doing it you need to be. Writing articles is difficult at times but itís well worthrepparttar 143790 effort.

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