10 Killer Ways To Make Your Ad Sell!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Use plenty of examples in your ad copy. This will allow your whole target audience to understand your pitch completely.

2. Gain extra credibility by using terms your readers may not understand, but can follow by explaining them in simple terms. This will show you're an expert.

3. Reveal how excited you are aboutrepparttar product. You could use words or a picture of yourself looking very excited.

4. Tell your target audience you were in their current position. Next, tell them how your product pulled you out of that position.

5. Challenge your readers atrepparttar 101163 end of your ad. Make a bet with them; if your product doesn't solve their problem, offer them a free product in return.

6. Get your audience involved in your ad by asking them questions. They'll automatically want to answerrepparttar 101164 questions in their mind.

The Beginners Guide to Writing Classified Ads

Written by Keegan Michaels

One ofrepparttar best ways to get your business noticed is through classified ads. These arerepparttar 101162 short, simple, ads you see onrepparttar 101163 back pages of newsletters and betweenrepparttar 101164 articles in ezines. They are usually cheap, sometimes even free, and easily accessible. There are countless web sites, newsletters and ezines that accept and print classified ads, and hence thousands of people you can reach through this simple method of advertising.

You can't just write anything though. Just like any other business ad or sales letter, your copy must be well thought out to be effective. The trick to writing classified ads that really sell, is to state all your essential information with just a few choice words.

To ensure that your ad will be read and responded to, follow these steps:

1. Write a rough draft firsts using complete sentences, saying absolutely everything you want to say, then start cutting. Take out any non-essential words. Use action words and short phrases. Eliminate anything that's even slightly repetitive.

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