10 Intuition Busters

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

Everyone has intuition; it's hard-wired in us. Everybody wants more intution; it's a great lifeskill for problem-solving, generating solutions, and making good decisions. It can be developed, but you have to have a certain mindset to develop and strengthen it. These are things NOT to do if you want to become more intuitive.

1. Be in a hurry

2. Have no symbolic ability. Donít participate in or enjoy any ofrepparttar arts.

3. Be unconcerned about your integrity or purposes in wanting to use intuition.

4. Let your ego run away with you, having to be right, controlling and in charge.

5. Not learn how to differentiate between intuition, fear, and wishful thinking.

Transforming Scarcity into Abundance

Written by Francoise Rapp

Financial abundance is an extension of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Are you struggling in your career or relationships? Do you complain rather than take action? Are you pessimistic and doubtful that life is full of possibilities and opportunities? If you are not fully satisfied or not enjoying prosperity right now, then you need to shift your perspective on your life.

The good news is you can transform your life and discover abundance simply by changing your inner state of mind. Scarcity is a habitual feeling that can be changed easily. But it requires some time and patience to shift your thought process. Here are few tips to help you:

∑ Pay attention to your thinking and actions duringrepparttar day. How do you approach life? With fear and pessimism orrepparttar 122411 contrary? ∑ Express gratitude for all your possessions, including tangible items like money, as well as intangibles like your relationships, health, etc. Write them down. ∑ Share what you have with others. A simple smile may have a tremendous impact on someone. ∑ Appreciate what you have. ∑ Make a list of negative, passive and fearful attitudes or thoughts you have toward money, situations, wealthy people. Translate your list into one of positives. ∑ Indulge yourself. ∑ Behave like a wealthy person. Feel comfortable with richness. The use ofrepparttar 122412 aromatic blend below will support you through this process by calming your fears and enhancing positivism in all aspects of your life.

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