10 High Powered Ways To Increase Your Traffic

Written by Dean Shainin

1. Trade links with other web sites. They should be related torepparttar subject of your web site. Instead of trading links, you could also trade banner ads, half page ads, classified ads, etc.

2. Start an e-zine for your web site. When people read each issue they'll be reminded to revisit your web site. They'll see your product ad more than just once which will increase your orders.

3. Form an online community. It could be an online message board, e-mail discussion list or chat room. When people get involved in your community they will regularly return to communicate with others.

4. Write articles and submit them to e-zines, web sites and magazines that accept article submissions. Include your business information and web address atrepparttar 147635 end ofrepparttar 147636 article.

5. Give away an electronic freebie with your ad on it. Allow your visitors to also giverepparttar 147637 freebie away. This'll increase your ad exposure and attract people to your web site atrepparttar 147638 same time bring more web traffic.

9 Questions You Should Ask Before You Affiliate With Anybody

Written by Nancy Casseur

9 Questions you should ask before affiliating with anybody

Becoming an affiliate with an established company is an excellent way for a new Internet entrepreneur to learn about online business and build an income for his own business. But do not join just any company.

Perform what is termed “due diligence” first. Investigate each company thoroughly by askingrepparttar following 9 questions:

1. How long hasrepparttar 147552 company been established? A brand new company, no matter how good it sounds, has not had time to prove itself. Many new companies do not last a year onrepparttar 147553 Internet. You want one that has been around for three to six years or more.

2. Isrepparttar 147554 company a one-person operation or a real company with real employees, and real products? Some one-person companies are highly successful, but rarely do they have successful affiliate programs. You will be better off going with a large fully established company.

3. What kind of products doesrepparttar 147555 company offer for affiliates to sell? Products should be easy to sell, known, high quality, and reasonably priced. A diversity of products helps, too. The company might have one terrific product, but once you sell this product to someone, what will you use as a follow-up to that same customer?

4. What amount of commission doesrepparttar 147556 company offer? Ifrepparttar 147557 commission is less than 30%, it’s not worth your time and effort.

5. Doesrepparttar 147558 company have a scheduled time when they pay commissions or do they insist you must accumulate a certain amount before they will pay? Watch out for this. Sometimes with an accumulation policy you might not reachrepparttar 147559 required total for quite a while. If you don’t keep in touch withrepparttar 147560 company, they will assume you have dropped out and keep your hard earned commission money.

6. Doesrepparttar 147561 company charge a fee of some sort to become an affiliate? Some companies charge you to sell their products. In all cases where a company asks for a fee to join them, forget it. There are too many legitimate “no fee to join” companies onrepparttar 147562 Internet to bother with one that charges. And beware of those who tell you they don’t charge you to join, but require you to buy a ”sample kit” of their products before you can sell anything.

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