10 Great Wine Tasting Tips

Written by Nerello Glasure

1. Try something new and you might be surprised. Letrepparttar staff make suggestions. Comparerepparttar 113091 wines aged in steel to those aged in oak.

2. Take Notes especially if you are gone all day. Most wineries offer a list that will assist you on keeping track. When you get home to your local wine shop, you will appreciate having a cheat sheet.

3. Visit during off season. November through May is an excellent time. You might be only one ofrepparttar 113092 few guests all day, sorepparttar 113093 staff can give you some extra time.

4. Ask Questions. Winery staff love to be engaged and help educate. They are trained to know a lot aboutrepparttar 113094 wines you taste.

5. Eatrepparttar 113095 crackers. They help you clean your palate and absorbrepparttar 113096 alcohol.

Mint-Chocolate Coffee Spoons

Written by LeAnn R. Ralph

Mint-Chocolate Coffee Spoons (A quick and easy way to enjoy mint-chocolate coffee!)

My sister-in-law makes these, and they sell them at school events to raise money forrepparttar parochial school where her son is enrolled. She says they "sell like hotcakes." Suggested price: 2 for $1. If you want to make gifts for people for birthdays or Christmas or other special occasions, or as party favors,repparttar 113090 coffee spoons work well for that too.

Ordinary plastic spoons

Bars of Hershey's chocolate

Hard peppermint candy or, for something different, try dinner mints

Saran Wrap or other plastic wrap

Short pieces of ribbon

Meltrepparttar 113091 chocolate. Diprepparttar 113092 plastic spoons inrepparttar 113093 chocolate. Lay spoons on wax paper. Beforerepparttar 113094 chocolate sets, place a mint inrepparttar 113095 middle ofrepparttar 113096 spoon.

Whenrepparttar 113097 chocolate has cooled and hardened, cover spoon with Saran Wrap (or other plastic wrap). Tie a ribbon around handle ofrepparttar 113098 spoon to holdrepparttar 113099 plastic wrap in place. (Use colored plastic wrap and coordinating colors forrepparttar 113100 ribbon, if you prefer.)

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