10 Great Ezine Content Tips To Increase Your Sales And Readership

Written by Ken Hill

1. Write articles that provide your readers with a list of tips.

Depending onrepparttar topics your ezine covers, your tips could be on customer service, autoresponders, or you could provide your subscribers with a list of tips that help them to increase their sales or market their businesses more successfully.

You could also provide your readers with a list of your top tips on a specific subject such as "Top 7 Ways To Promote Your Website" or "Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Ezine."

2. Write "how to" articles.

This type of article shows your reader step by step how to reach an objective such as how to write effective ad copy, get repeat traffic, or how to write effective metatags.

3. Publish interviews.

Contact experts onrepparttar 124203 topic your ezine covers and request interviews. Most people will agree as it provides them with promotion of their businesses at no cost. Publish your interviews in article format or userepparttar 124204 popular Q&A formula.

4. Write articles that focus on a current hot topic, trend or that are "seasonal" in nature such as how to increase sales duringrepparttar 124205 holidays.

5. Provide polls for your subscribers to partake in.

Publishing polls will help you to increaserepparttar 124206 number of people that read your ezine because your subscribers will be interested in seeingrepparttar 124207 results.

Your polls can also be used to help you decide on changes in your content, publishing schedule, or to decide on new things to add to your ezine.

6. Provide your subscribers with resources related to your ezine's topic such as places to promote their businesses, ezines, etc.,

Is there enough you in your newsletter?

Written by Jessica Albon

Is there enough you in your newsletter? By Jessica Albon Copyright 2004, The Write Exposure

Forrepparttar last two months, I've been taking Izzy (my five-month old yellow lab puppy) to puppy class. He's learned a lot about how to behave in public. And I've learned a lot about him in comparison to his classmates.

There's sedate Maggie, an English bulldog who loves to play, so long as she can stay in one place. There's shy Zeus, a rottweiler who takes awhile to warm up to new situations. There's obedient Levi, a Weimaraner who'll do absolutely anything you ask him to.

And then there's Izzy. He'srepparttar 124202 entertainment--teasingrepparttar 124203 other puppies, talking to everyone who stops to watchrepparttar 124204 play sessions, and just being an all-around playful, clownish lab.

Just asrepparttar 124205 instructor's learned what to expect from each ofrepparttar 124206 puppies, your readers have learned to expect something from you.

Whether out of allrepparttar 124207 newsletters they get in their inbox yours isrepparttar 124208 "enthusiastic one," orrepparttar 124209 "serious one," orrepparttar 124210 "informative one," your readers have defined you in comparison torepparttar 124211 other newsletters they read.

...................................... Readers label, like it or not ...................................... Maybe you haterepparttar 124212 idea of being labeled. Because, if your newsletter isrepparttar 124213 "smart" newsletter, it can't also berepparttar 124214 "funny" one.

But, this one ingredient is actually behind more successful newsletters than any other.

That's because it's what makes your newsletter more memorable. It's what helps your readers begin to trust you--because every month they seerepparttar 124215 same dimension of your personality and begin to see you as reliable.

Your readers get way too much email not to make some generalizations. It's what helps them prioritize their email. And it's what'll get your newsletter read first, last, or not at all.

...................................... You can choose your label ...................................... Now, here'srepparttar 124216 good news. Your label is up to you. You're a three-dimensional, multi-faceted person and have lots of great personality points to choose from.

Depending on your subject, it might be appropriate to position yourself asrepparttar 124217 "outdoorsy type" even though you also love to relax atrepparttar 124218 spa. Or maybe you'll focus on your love of black and white movies even though you also love today's high tech special effects.

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