10 Essential Elements For a Successful Website

Written by DC Dalton

So you want to get your business online, to take that big plunge to reachrepparttar world with your product or service. Congratulations! Hopefully you have takenrepparttar 141907 time to go out and explore your competitors websites and looked around for what you consider to be a great looking and functioning website. If you haven't we highly recommend you do, as a matter of fact we ask every new client to spend time onrepparttar 141908 web do this. This helps your website designer get a view into several things, including your industry and just as important your tastes in design and functionality. This type information is invaluable to both your and your website design company.

Knowing Your Potential Clientele

As with any business venture you must have some insight into exactly who your customers are is vital. Not only do you need to gear your products and marketing to these customers butrepparttar 141909 design, navigation and functionality ofrepparttar 141910 website should be tailored to that market's tastes. Most website owners don't realize it at first but your website may just becomerepparttar 141911 most important marketing tool you will ever invest in. It's presentation, color, flow and content are as important as any TV, Print or Radio ad you will ever invest in. In todays world your website is your customers view into your business and a poorly laid out website may result in a lack of confidence by them. This is especially true in any e-commerce website. With allrepparttar 141912 storiesrepparttar 141913 general public hears about on-line rip offs they need to feel 100% confident they can type their credit card numbers into your order form and not have to worry about it.

Ten Essential Elements

Any website today needs certain features to allow their customersrepparttar 141914 best experience possible. Overrepparttar 141915 years we have added torepparttar 141916 list to bring it up to what we now considerrepparttar 141917 ten essential elements every website should have:

Yahoo Auctions is now Free!

Written by Ratliff J

Here is some great news if you are currently earning a living or making some extra cash through auctions or were considering it.

Yahoo Auctions has announced that they will stop charging fees for US based auctions. This is designed forrepparttar consumer auctions primarily but has very important implications for internet marketers as well.

“Yahoo! Auctions has changed its pricing to create a model that is free for all consumers listing items on our Auctions platform. We have eliminated all fees associated with Auctions listings, including listing fees and final value fees. Many users have been asking for this type of structure, and we are happy to provide it as a way to strengthen our partnership withrepparttar 141906 seller community and clearly demonstrate our commitment to our sellers' success. The new pricing model will go into effect Monday, June 6, 2005“ Visit http://auctions.yahoo.com/phtml/auc/us/promo/announcements.html forrepparttar 141907 full story.

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