10 Effective Ways to Boost Banner Click-through

Written by Chee Wee

Banner advertising is one ofrepparttar most widely used marketing medium onrepparttar 101227 Internet. Though banner click-throughs have decreased to less than 1.0% inrepparttar 101228 past year, it is still possible to achieve reasonably good click-through of 3.0% and above.

Below are 10 effective steps that I have successfully used to help my clients boost click-throughs on their banner campaigns.

1. Employ Action Words

Use action words like "FREE" and "Click Here" in your banners.

Offering something "FREE" in your message attractsrepparttar 101229 reader to click on your banner. Banners with "Click Here" teasers and similar action phrases also increase click-through.

2. Use Short and Punchy Headlines

A short and punchy banner headline makes a difference. Always load your headline with benefit statements - offer solutions torepparttar 101230 challenges that your customers face. If you sell diet products, try "Lose 10 pounds in four weeks!". Work on a winning combination of text and graphics in your banner ad.

3. Animated Banners vs. Static Banners

Animated banners usually outperform their static counterparts by more than 100%. Surfers are more likely to notice banners that are animated. Example: If you haverepparttar 101231 words "Click Here" flashing in your banner, it will perform better than a static version.

4. Adopt Better Designs

Many of us are not graphic artists. We can create simple banners but it is hard to matchrepparttar 101232 work of a professional graphic artist. You should engage a professional banner ad designer to create your banners. Expect to invest $80 per banner.

The standard sizes for banner ads are 400x40 pixels or 468x60 pixels. I recommend that you design a 468x60 banner. Withrepparttar 101233 clutter of graphics on most webpages, a larger banner has a higher chance of getting noticed.

5. Try Trick Banners

These banners resemble Windows dialog boxes, scroll bars, submit buttons or blue-colored underlined hyperlinks. They attract you to click onrepparttar 101234 dialog boxes and scroll bars - which you are already accustomed to doing withrepparttar 101235 Windows operating system. If you use trick banners with short and punchy headlines, you can get click-throughs above 10.0%!

6. Reduce Your Banner File Sizes

Reduce your banner file size to less than 15k. The last thing a surfer wants is a slow-loading webpage. Most websites and banner exchanges do not allow excessively large banners.

Create a fast-loading banner right fromrepparttar 101236 start. Optimize your banner file size through your graphic software or an online graphic optimizer.

10 Steps to Advertising Success

Written by Brian Moore

Millions of people marketing onrepparttar Internet try to grabrepparttar 101226 attention of allrepparttar 101227 rest daily. How does a beginner, a "newbie", if you will, figure out how to write an ad that pulls in responses?

First, do we even want to write our own ads, what withrepparttar 101228 so-called tested ones that come with our affiliate programs? The answer to that is, "Yes!" Your individual ad writing ability can mean your ads get noticed and leaverepparttar 101229 prewritten ones behind.

Here are 10 steps to writing ad copy that will work for you and increase your profits immeasurably.

1. Narrow your market to a specific group of prospective clients. Find your niche market. 2. Analyze your website. Does it appeal to your niche market? If it does, tailor your ads to relate directly to your website. 3. Appeal torepparttar 101230 impulse inrepparttar 101231 viewers of your ad. Call your readers to action * now*. Cause your readers to click a link to your sales letter. Emphasizerepparttar 101232 benefits of reading that letter. Offer something free inrepparttar 101233 ad itself, "just for looking". Perhaps a free copy of your newsletter or a free Ebook you've added to your site would dorepparttar 101234 trick. 4. Use outside resources to create your ad. Draw from sources like junk email and free classified ads. Analyzerepparttar 101235 work of others. Notice ideas that grab you and call you to action now. 5. Design "killer" headings. What types of headings

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