10 Effective Ways To Gain More New Ezine Subscribers

Written by Ken Hill

1. Swap ads with other ezine publishers.

Swap sponsor, feature, classified or solo ads with publishers who have subscribers targeted to be interested in what your ezine covers.

This will provide both you andrepparttar other publisher with a terrific way to get more subscriptions at no cost.

When choosing ezines to swap ads with, pick ezines that offer content that your new subscribers would be interested in, but not ezines that compete directly with you.

2. Write articles.

Your articles will give you a powerful way to get more new subscribers through your resource box atrepparttar 124191 end of your articles.

Submit your articles to article directories, article announcement lists and also to ezine publishers looking for articles to run in their ezines.

You could also create a list that announces when you've written a new article or articles to get more publishers to run your articles on a regular basis.

3. Create an ebook compilation of your articles and use it as a bonus for subscribing to your publication.

Multiplyrepparttar 124192 number of subscriptions you get from your ebook by letting other ezine publishers use it as a bonus for subscribing to their ezines.

You can also let people rebrand your ebook with a link to their site or ezine to get more people to offer your ebook as a bonus or on their sites.

4. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers.

You could recommend another publisher's ezine in your own words to your subscriber base in exchange for her doingrepparttar 124193 same for you.

You could also run a recommended ezines section in each issue or recommend other publishers' ezines on your "thank you" page or in your welcome message in exchange forrepparttar 124194 same to get long term promotion of your ezine.

Your Newsletters Are Pretty Lame If You Are Doing These 7 Things

Written by Gina Stathopoulos

I rememberrepparttar good old days ofrepparttar 124190 internet when it was a real treat to subscribe to someone’s newsletter and receive all their wonderful information throughrepparttar 124191 convenience of your email.

It’s still like this today - forrepparttar 124192 publishers that are getting it right. I believe newsletter publishers somewhere alongrepparttar 124193 way forget WHY readers subscribe. On their websites we are promised all this wonderful information and instead we receive a sales pitch, email after email.

Bad newsletters far out numberrepparttar 124194 effective ones. Here is a list of mistakes I find newsletter publisher religiously make…

1. Sell right offrepparttar 124195 auto responder

When I subscribe to a newsletter and getrepparttar 124196 sales pitch right offrepparttar 124197 auto responder, I know my subscription to this newsletter won’t last long.

The autoresponder isrepparttar 124198 ideal place to get your subscriber familiar with yourself and your business. It’s a great first step in building that relationship with your reader. Get them enthusiastic about receiving your newsletter. Tell themrepparttar 124199 wonderful things they will come to expect. Welcome them and just leave it at that.

Something to take with you: “Don’t putrepparttar 124200 cart beforerepparttar 124201 horse”

2. Talk about how much money you are making – allrepparttar 124202 time

Hyping is old news. Are you still doing it?

The newbie internet marketers love to tell you how much they are supposedly making. They love referring to this time and time again in their newsletters. They haven’t yet realized that hype doesn’t sell. Information does.

If you are making all this money, then help someone who isn’t. Give them some intelligent information. Help them make an informed decision about buying your product.

Something to take with you: “Uh… Don’t hype?”

3. Instead of 80% content and 20% selling you are doing itrepparttar 124203 other way around

Your subscriber didn’t give you permission to sell to them. They gave you permission to give them more information. That’s what you promised when they signed up. Are you honoring that promise?

Subscribers know that you will be doing some selling in your newsletters. They are not stupid. So weaverepparttar 124204 selling process in with your great information. That way it won’t stick out like a sore thumb and your readers won’t feel pitched.

Something to take with you: “Always give before you ask to take. It rarely worksrepparttar 124205 other way around”

4. Copy and paste an article in your newsletter and hey presto! You have a newsletter… Not

There is no double about it. Articles are very effective –repparttar 124206 ones that are well worded and giverepparttar 124207 reader insider information about a specific topic.

One publisher I subscribe to usesrepparttar 124208 power of articles very well. He is an affiliate and in his newsletter he publishers different people’s articles. This is his technique:

* His newsletters begin by telling readers a little about his day. * Then he introducesrepparttar 124209 article author, giving readers about a paragraph of information about him/her * Next we readrepparttar 124210 article * Then he gives us his thoughts/tips/stories/comments. * Then he finishes by referring torepparttar 124211 author andrepparttar 124212 information inrepparttar 124213 article.

I’ve bought from this affiliate time and time again. Know why? Because his technique works.

He puts effort into his newsletters. Readers see that. Through them, I’ve come to know him, trust him, like him. Not only does he provide me with good articles, he is also knowledgeable inrepparttar 124214 subject he’s involved him and his contributions really help reinforcerepparttar 124215 information ofrepparttar 124216 article.

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