10 Classic Ways To Successfully Use Autoresponders

Written by Ken Hill

1. Use your autoresponders to conduct simple polls.

Your polls can give you valuable information that you can use to make your ezine, site or product better. They can also help you to make decisions concerning making changes to your product, site, or ezine.

You can also make your ezine more interactive by running a poll in each issue and then publishingrepparttar results inrepparttar 109544 following issue.

Using polls in this way will help you to increase your readership as your readers will be interested in seeingrepparttar 109545 results ofrepparttar 109546 polls you've run.

2. Use your autoresponder to deliver an email course that shares with your visitorsrepparttar 109547 benefits of owning your product.

To create your course, you could use your articles asrepparttar 109548 main content of your course or you could use them as a guide to making your course.

You could also use questions you get from your visitors and customers to write a course that your visitors would be interested in and that increases your sales.

3. Make a multipart report available by autoresponder that delivers extracts of your informational product.

Your multipart report will lead to more sales of your product as it allows your visitors to try out your product before they buy it.

To make up your multipart report you could use excerpts from a single chapter of your informational product or you could string together excerpts from several different chapters to create your report.

4. Use your autoresponders to deliver training courses.

For instance, you could offer your new affiliates a generic email training course that shows them how to make money promoting affiliate programs.

Your course would not only encourage more people to join your affiliate program but would also increase your profit by elevatingrepparttar 109549 number of your affiliates that effectively promote your products to their visitors or subscribers.

5. Use your autoresponders to publish an ezine.

Autoresponders with a broadcast feature will handle your subscribe and unsubscribe requests, and provide you with an easy way to send out your issues to people that join your list.

Concentrate on making your ezine a valuable source of information for your subscribers. Also add your personality to your ezine by writing articles, adding an editors section, or by giving your views on subjects of interest to your readers.

Is Your Email Address "Blacklisted?"

Written by Jim Edwards

A lady emailed me yesterday very upset overrepparttar fact that her friend's Internet Service Provider (ISP) wasn't delivering important email messages.

This lack of delivery caused a real problem forrepparttar 109543 two of them with ruined plans, missed appointments, and just plain inconvenience.

If you don't use email, this might not sounds like a "big deal."

But this problem of non-delivery has dramatically affectedrepparttar 109544 way businesses use email and is now about to reach epidemic proportions for consumers using email.

To put things into perspective, imagine if every time you dialed a friend's phone number you had no idea whether it would ring or not.

Now imagine how frustrated you would feel over time if you kept dialingrepparttar 109545 same number and it never rang for you, but others could get through and your friend's phone number never changed.

That's exactly how you'll feel when your personal emails start getting blocked for seemingly no reason.

The problem of legitimate email messages not getting through stems fromrepparttar 109546 uncontrolled and unstoppable onslaught of spam that currently gripsrepparttar 109547 Internet with seemingly no end in sight.

The fact that viruses can now "spoof" email addresses and make it look like someone sent a virus to thousands of people doesn't help matters either.

In an effort to cut down on spam, ISP's implement a number of counter-measures, including: text filters, spam databases, and IP blocking.

If your email message doesn't get delivered, most ofrepparttar 109548 time it means you inadvertently got caught in an ISP's "defense system."

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