10 Brilliant Methods to Move from Blechhh to Breakthrough in 5 minutes or less

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Ever have one of those days? Seems as ifrepparttar cloudy murkiness holds over your head sort of likerepparttar 124014 cloud of dust is continually hovering around Pig Pen's feet inrepparttar 124015 Peanuts cartoons.

At last, a simple combination of tips will completely liftrepparttar 124016 Blechhhs quickly! Simply try on one or more of these methods The next time your life is taken over by a malaise of ickyness.

Let's Begin!

1. Talk it over. Make a five-minute phone call to a friend in order to sort out "what's up" inrepparttar 124017 situation. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick vent session. Setrepparttar 124018 intentional thatrepparttar 124019 venting will completely eraserepparttar 124020 negative feelings. Speak. Let go.

2. Get a breath of fresh air. If you have been sitting at your Desk indoors, go outside and move around. Take ten big breaths And stretch completely lifting your arms up over your head. For once, know that no one is paying any attention. (They are Thinking about themselvesrepparttar 124021 majority ofrepparttar 124022 time.) I am actually writing this on my laptop sitting my porch. This way I getrepparttar 124023 benefit ofrepparttar 124024 outdoors and I can keep a close watch over my little girl on her tricycle.)

3. Collect and prepare affirmations to use at times of distress. Keep these affirmations on notecards or in a special book so when You need them, they will be right there. You may choose to either Write them out a few times. Maybe speaking them works more Effectively for you. Perhaps a combination is best. Try various Methods on to see what works best for you.

4. Whenever you get a nice note or commendation from an Associate or a colleague, keep it in a file folder. I call mine my "atta girl" file. This is a great painkiller at times when blecch is overflowing. It reminds me (inrepparttar 124025 memorable words of Sally Fields so many years ago) "They like me! They really, really like me!"

5. Take a moment to review what you are thankful for in your Life and work. Before you groan, simply try itrepparttar 124026 next time blechhs Creep in. You can start a Gratitude or Thankfulness notebook where You actually keep a written record or you may want to just close your Eyes and think of those special things (or simple things) you Are thankful for. (As I was working on this article, I got up and Worked in my gratitude garden. It quickly refocused me so I was Able to complete my task at hand.)

6. Subscribe to one or more email quote services so you will have An ongoing list of inspiring quotes to read and reflect upon at a Moments notice. I have found it works best to copy and paste The especially good ones into a separate file folder. I have my Quotes separated by topic, as well, in case I run into a challenge in One specific area.

Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Written by John Colanzi

Asrepparttar new year approaches it's time to make your resolutions forrepparttar 124013 New Year.

You startrepparttar 124014 New Year with "Great Expectations." You set your goals forrepparttar 124015 coming year and you promise that this year you'll stick to them.

As time goes by you hit a set back here and an unexpected problem there and your goals fly outrepparttar 124016 window.

Why do you suppose that is?

I can tell you why. You've been programed to rememberrepparttar 124017 negatives and forgetrepparttar 124018 positives.

We lose our "Great Expectations"repparttar 124019 first chance we get.

There's a story that illustrates this point.

There's a large group of individuals at a positive thinking rally. Asrepparttar 124020 speaker is talking in walks a man with a ticket in his hand.

The speaker pauses and announces, "One of you has been chosen to receive $1,000,000.

What do you think flashes through their minds?

"I know it's not me, I never win anything."

A little later a man walks in with an executioners outfit on. The speaker announces this time, "I'm sorry, but one of you is about to be executed."

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