10 Blazing Ways To Get More New Ezine Subscribers

Written by Ken Hill

1. Purchase ezine ads.

Run your ads for multiple issues, and track your advertising so that you won't be inrepparttar dark about which ezines are best to place your ads in.

2. Swap ads.

As with your paid ads, try to swap for multiple issues as many people will need to see your ad several times before they respond to you.

3. Swap recommendations.

You could swap recommendations to be published in each other's ezines, or you could swap recommendations to be published on each other's "thank you" pages.

In addition, you could set up a "recommended ezine" section where you and several other ezine publishers promote each other in each issue.

4. Publish testimonials.

Ask for feedback in each issue to garner more testimonials that you can use on your site with your readers' permission.

5. Do a testimonial swap.

Write up a testimonial for another publisher's ezine in exchange for her testimonial that you can publish on your site, in your ebook, etc.

How To Develope Content For Your Ezine Without Having To Write Your Own Articles

Written by Michael Tee

Do you struggle with creating content for your ezine? You think you are not good enough? Or you just donít have enough time to write quality articles? Hereís some good news: Youíre not alone!

The simple truth isÖ you donít have to be an expert writer on a particular subject, or require plenty of time to write a quality articles.

Itís not hard. In fact, you donít have to spend any of your time creating original or great content. Youíll probably be asking me now, how is it possible?

Hereís your answer,:

You can:

Use articles from free article websites

You can use articles from free ezine sites and publish them in your ezine or website, if you didnít already know. Authors submit their articles there hoping other publishers will pick them up and use it in their ezine. So, go to sites like http://www.ezinearticles.com/ or http://www.goarticles.com/, chooserepparttar article you like, and send an email torepparttar 146170 author letting him/her know that you are going to publish their ezine. They will be more than happy to grant you permission to use their articles, and theyíll probably send you more inrepparttar 146171 future.

Use articles from other publishersí ezines

If you have been subscribing to other peopleís ezines, you will notice that some of them have a notice atrepparttar 146172 end ofrepparttar 146173 article saying you can use that article for your ezine or website, providedrepparttar 146174 resource box is intact. Try subscribing to newsletters published by experts. Their articles are really good and sometimes they do allow you to use their articles. Just send them an email requesting permission to use their articles.

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