10 Best Ways to Promote your Site

Written by Tracie Johansen

1. Trade links with other web sites. Go to a search engine and type in words from your keyword list. This way you can find other sites in your target area. Go to each site and find out ifrepparttar site would complement your site. Sendrepparttar 125067 owner ofrepparttar 125068 web site a request to exchange links.

2. Write a Free eBook and give it away. Or find other Free eBooks and write torepparttar 125069 publisher and see if they would be willing to put your ad in their eBook in exchange for promoting it in your eZine. You can put your ad in my eBook free for promoting it in your eZine. Fill outrepparttar 125070 form here. http://ipromoteit.com/ebookideasbrandedcover.html

3. Submit your site to Intomi. Inktomi Search/Submit isrepparttar 125071 easy way to make your Web content searchable through over 50 Inktomi Search/Web partners, including AOL, MSN, HotBot iWon, Looksmart, About.com, Anzwers, CNET, Overture, NBCi and Corporate Yahoo!.

You can submit your site for just $39.00 instead of paying $199.00 for each one. This is very effective. http://www.positiontech.com/inktomi/

4. Pay per click guarantees you hits to your site at a pay for each site view you receive. You can control how much you want to pay for each hit to your site. For more information on how to effectively promote with Pay Per Click search engines, read this article. Send a blank email to: pay-per-click@1001beautytips.com and it will be delivered by autoresponder within a couple of minutes.

Reciprocal Links - how important are they

Written by David Callan

Reciprocal Links - How important are they In my opinion reciprocal links are second only to search engines as a way to get traffic to ones site.

Reciprocal links are links with other sites, which are generally related torepparttar theme of your website. The concept is simple you link to site, and that sites webmaster returnsrepparttar 125066 favour and links back to your site. For some reason or another you always receive a lot more traffic from sites, then you give out.

This method of traffic building is very important and its free, its simply a matter of contactingrepparttar 125067 right webmasters and gettingrepparttar 125068 right links. However a full blown 'link-hunt' can be time consuming butrepparttar 125069 benefits it can bring are huge. Among them are:

Highly targeted visitors

Better search engine rankings

The visitors that come from related websites are highly targeted and you have a much better chance of selling them your product or service, because they have come to your site through a link on a related website you know they are interested in your sites theme, otherwise they wouldn't be on a site that is linking to you and furthermore they definitely wouldn't click through if they weren't interested. So these are prime prospects for your product or service and best of all you don't have to pay for a single one.

Also it is worth telling you that it is very unlikely that once a link is up on someone's site that it will be taken down. This means that once a link is up, chances are it will be sending you free visitors for its lifetime, free visitors = free sales = more profit.

Reciprocal linking is my personal favorite form of marketing, even though a good Search Engine campaign will bring in much more traffic than any number of links can. I say this because it's ideal for sites just starting out as you can seerepparttar 125070 visitors (AND SALES) coming in within days of contacting webmasters for links. Especially if you can secure any high traffic links.

Also apart from getting visitors fromrepparttar 125071 linking site itself, more recently some major search engines are usingrepparttar 125072 number of links to a site as an important factor in establishing a sites relevancy. The idea behind this is thatrepparttar 125073 more links a site has to more valuable it must be. Also this method of usingrepparttar 125074 number of links as a relevancy factor helpsrepparttar 125075 search engines defeat gateway/doorway pages. Why would anyone link to 'bare-bones' keyword filled doorway page? - Simple answer - they wouldn't. Andrepparttar 125076 search engines know this.

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