10 Basic Search Engine Preparation Tips

Written by Detlev Reimer

While many people think it is enough to have web site to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars within a few weeks, it is much harder in reality to get people to your web site and then it is another thing to get them to buy something from you.

But that's a different story. Let's concentrate onrepparttar first aspect: Getting traffic and especially getting targeted traffic. You don't want to have cat lovers on your site when you are selling dog food, do you ?

How do you get targeted prospects ? First of all, you must know your potential customers. Who are they ? What are they looking for ? Sorepparttar 128020 first thing , even before you have built your web site, is to know which keywords your prospects would search for.

It is not as hard as you might think. But if you have a general topic like I have myself with Internet Marketing, it might be a much better idea to concentrate just on one aspect of Internet Marketing.

Friend, you ask why ? Did you ever perform a search on AltaVista forrepparttar 128021 term "Internet Marketing"? Yes ? Then you will certainly know that there about 6 million web sites competing forrepparttar 128022 top position on "Internet Marketing".

It is very hard, if not impossible to reach a rank inrepparttar 128023 top 10 or evenrepparttar 128024 top 30 for such a general term. But if you concentrate on, let me say autoresponders, then there are a lot less pages that deal with that topic.

1.) Choosing your domain name

This means, when you order your domain name, be sure to include your keywords in your domain name. To takerepparttar 128025 example just mentioned above: If you're selling dog food, don't take a domain like www.petshop.com .

Because then people could think that you are selling cat food, bird food etc. , too. You want to target your potential customers, so your domainname would be rather something like : www.dogfood.com or similar .

So now you've designed your pages. What comes next ?

2.) Frames/no-frames

Web pages which use frames have one big disadvantage: Some search engines are not able to index them correctly. They cannot followrepparttar 128026 links that are included on these pages and that means that they won't be able to showrepparttar 128027 results of your pages.

If you want to be onrepparttar 128028 safe side, create your web pages without using frames. There are some tricks to enable a correct indexing but this would lead too far for this time.

3.) The title of your homepage

It almost goes without saying that your title should have your keywords included as well. You should choose a title that includes your four most important keywords. If you have a site where people can learn how to write ads, you could give your page a title that hasrepparttar 128029 word ads in it plus some of your other keywords.

Example : "Writing ads: How to write ads that sell your products like crazy." You have repeated your most important keyword "ads" and you have used other keywords like "writing", "write" and "sell".

4.) Meta tag : description

Meta tags are additional pieces of information which are placed withinrepparttar 128030 HTML - code. Your description reflectsrepparttar 128031 most important part of your homepage since this isrepparttar 128032 description that is shown when someone searches for your site on a search engine.

"We quit our day jobs" -- the NicheFinder interview

Written by Gary Harvey

Sixty dollars is what it cost Val and Helen to startrepparttar business that now supports them full time.

"My wife Helen and I are professional software developers" said Val Danilchuk, from their home inrepparttar 128019 Ukraine. "We used to develop web sites for e-business owners, as well as some client-side desktop software."

But they wanted a better way to sell their skills. So, with a special interest in Internet marketing, they developed their own unique method of evaluatingrepparttar 128020 profitability of business ideas.

"Then we completely automated it", Val told eProfitNews. "As professional programmers, it wasn't hard for us to develop a program that did it hands-free."

The result?


It's a market research software tool that helps people find business ideas and products that are in high demand but low supply. A clever niche finder!

It also identifiesrepparttar 128021 most popular keywords for a web page. And even helps you figure outrepparttar 128022 best domain name for your web business.

That $60 paid forrepparttar 128023 domain name NicheMarketResearch.com as well as web hosting. But there was also "a massive amount of time invested. We devoted hundreds of our working hours to this project."

Atrepparttar 128024 very beginning, they weren't sure they could profit fromrepparttar 128025 idea so they decided not to invest much money into it atrepparttar 128026 start.

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