10 Amazing Product Selling Formulas!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Sell your products at a wholesale price to retail web sites. You could sell them individually or in bulk.

2. Set up joint ventures with other businesses to sell your product to new customers. They can introduce it to their customers for a set price.

3. Allow other web sites to sell your product for a set commission. They can take a percentage ofrepparttar sale and send yourepparttar 127446 rest ofrepparttar 127447 order to drop ship.

4. Sell your product through an affiliate program. You just pay people a set commission for each of their sales or click throughs.

5. Sell peoplerepparttar 127448 rights to reproduce your product. You could sell them straight out for one price or collect royalty payments from each sale they make.

Geek Speak II - The Awakening

Written by John Warzecha

Geek-Speak or techno-babble is pervasive. It seems that we are so impressed with our technical knowledge and expertise that we forget our audience. As I stated in my first article "Geek- Speak," it is important to simplify, simplify, simplify. This applies, not only to e-mail or on-line business, but to everyday usage as well. Recently I observed a salesman in a computer store mesmerizing an elderly couple with his techno-babble. They had come intorepparttar store looking for a computer for some very basic needs. The salesman was very impressive with his knowledge. He talked aboutrepparttar 127445 clock speed ofrepparttar 127446 computer. He comparedrepparttar 127447 various processors and showed themrepparttar 127448 3-D Graphics capability ofrepparttar 127449 computer. Then they were told aboutrepparttar 127450 56K,V.90 modem, that they could get a DVD ROM and that, if they wanted to, they could upgrade from 64MB of RAM to 128MB of RAM. It was obvious that he knewrepparttar 127451 product extremely well. His technological knowledge was encyclopaedic. Just as impressive was his monumental lack of knowledge ofrepparttar 127452 customer. He never listened to them at all. They smiled and agreed with his evaluation, thanked him for his time, and proceeded to look at other products. A few minutes laterrepparttar 127453 same salesman cornered another couple and proceeded withrepparttar 127454 same techno- babble or Geek Speak. A few minutes later this same elderly couple were approached by another salesman who offered assistance. They seemed reluctant to talk to him. I could only assume that they were afraid ofrepparttar 127455 same barrage of Geek -Speak that they had been subjected to before. His first question to them had nothing to do withrepparttar 127456 computer other than asking what they were looking for. Duringrepparttar 127457 next thirty minutes he talked to them about their interests. He discovered that they had a son in Australia and a daughter in England, not to mention an extended family throughout North America. They informed him that they were both history buffs. He also found out that she enjoyed cooking. He discovered that they would like to stay in closer touch with their family. This was one thing that he focused on.. Not once did he talk about DVD, RAM, ROM, clock speed, or pixels on a screen. They had heard about e-mail but never really investigatedrepparttar 127458 possibilities. They had believed that they were pastrepparttar 127459 point of obtaining any serious knowledge of computers. The first salesman reinforced this belief that computers were too complicated.

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