*****MLM*****Making Lotsa' Mistakes!

Written by Jim Partridge

As a retired VP Marketing for a very successful Internetional MLM company, I am addressing concepts of MLM as they 'impact' you,repparttar new or inexperienced distributor.

Network (Multi-level) Marketing is exactlyrepparttar 122564 same as any business, anywhere, as it has a corporate center and top level, through to repparttar 122565 new recruit at entry level. BUT, there is a significant difference!

As withrepparttar 122566 age old computer phrase, 'Garbage in = garbage out" some MLM corporations have 'garbage' atrepparttar 122567 top or close torepparttar 122568 top and it is this 'garbage' that will destroy your business.

IF management has an attitude and/or does NOT recruit competence atrepparttar 122569 TOP what happens atrepparttar 122570 bottom? "Training" or what some MLM companies call 'training' must start withrepparttar 122571 top and work down. Top-incompetence therefore leads to bottom-incompetence 'unless' you 'learn-the-rules' and then 'learn-how-to- break-the-rules.

One rule that I witness over and over isrepparttar 122572 rule of "OUR WEBSITE IS GREAT - USE IT ONLY". Have any of you noticed how GREAT, 'their' website is?

Let me correct that statement! Have any of you analyzedrepparttar 122573 corporate website to determine whatrepparttar 122574 message is and how your "target prospect" receives that message?

What if you direct your prospect torepparttar 122575 corporate website and "they" promote themselves and not you?

How aboutrepparttar 122576 corporate office that does not understand "features" versus "benefits torepparttar 122577 consumer"?

Keep Customers Close And Competition Even Closer!

Written by Larry Dotson

It's no secret that you should keep your customers close. But, you may not have heard that you should keep your competition even closer. You may have heard you should legally spy on your competition, but that's different than keeping them close.

You're likely thinking why should I do such a thing? Because that'srepparttar best way to know what they're up to. You need to stay on top of things so your business doesn't get left behind.

How do you keep your competition even closer? Create joint venture deals with them. You're saying, WHAT?! Yes, you read it right. There are many joint venture deals that you can do where it doesn't matter that you're in competition withrepparttar 122563 other business.

Here are a few:

Develop or create a neutral product together. For example, co-author an ebook together and splitrepparttar 122564 profits.

Team up to bring down your biggest competition. Share valuable information with each other. Cut costs buy sharing equipment and skills. Userepparttar 122565 extra money to run co-op ads. This won't work if they are your biggest competition.

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