'The Simple thngs in Life'

Written by mark.j.stevens

’The Simple Things in Life’ By Mark J Stevens©

Every now and then something happens in our lives that make’s us feel very unique within ourselves, in my case this was watching a football match. This was a very important game for me to watch as it wasrepparttar team that I have supported for so long! In fact all my life I have been a Liverpool FC supporter, I have seen some great times and not so great times especially inrepparttar 141798 last few years. Yes! We won three trophies in one particular season and that was great but even then there was still something missing. Withrepparttar 141799 history of this great football club Liverpool FC hasrepparttar 141800 best record when it comes to winningrepparttar 141801 English League. They have wonrepparttar 141802 European Cup more times than any other British Football team and on this day May 25th 2005 they found themselves with another golden opportunity of clinching this wonderful Cup withrepparttar 141803 big ears, now calledrepparttar 141804 Champions League trophy. So there I was anticipating this match which hadrepparttar 141805 elements of being a classic football spectacular. In one corner you hadrepparttar 141806 mighty team from Italy, AC MILAN. With a star studied team of great soccer professionals from Paolo Maldini, Andriy Shevchenko andrepparttar 141807 talented new Brazilian play maker Kaka. Inrepparttar 141808 other corner you had my team Liverpool, who somehow with an awful Premiership league campaign behind them where they could only finish fifth behind their city rivals Everton and miss out on an Automatic Champions League place forrepparttar 141809 following season but Inspired by two scousers, club captain Steven Gerrard andrepparttar 141810 irrepressible Jamie Carragher through outrepparttar 141811 season, found themselves inrepparttar 141812 most lucrative football match in world football. It was a dream not only forrepparttar 141813 players but for allrepparttar 141814 Liverpool fans all aroundrepparttar 141815 world to see this great football club back where it belonged, atrepparttar 141816 top ofrepparttar 141817 ladder in world football. So on this night two great teams steeped in history battled for a place in history. Going back to my day I rang a very good friend of mine and asked her if she wanted to watchrepparttar 141818 game with me at a local bar...she said, yes! It was to be her first time watching a game like this and she was very excited by it all because everyone was talking about it…so we met uprepparttar 141819 and walked down torepparttar 141820 bar. As we entered we could see thatrepparttar 141821 place was streaming with Liverpool fans but you did haverepparttar 141822 odd Milan fan or two hiding and keeping a low profile inrepparttar 141823 corner ofrepparttar 141824 bar. So we found a nice spot to get a good view ofrepparttar 141825 game and ordered some beers. You could feelrepparttar 141826 Anticipation of it all byrepparttar 141827 look ofrepparttar 141828 Liverpool fans inrepparttar 141829 bar, some where very cheerful! Others looked just happy to be there. I was calm fromrepparttar 141830 outside but onrepparttar 141831 inside I was a mess. The big screens onrepparttar 141832 walls which seemed bigger than they actually were had everyone’s attention, even some ofrepparttar 141833 bar staff would have a little peak atrepparttar 141834 screens,repparttar 141835 place was buzzing. My friend took out her cigarettes and lit up one, she was lucky to have that comfort, all I wanted at that moment was my beer to arrive andrepparttar 141836 game to start. Then as we watchedrepparttar 141837 Players came out, there was a loud cheer fromrepparttar 141838 bar crowd and one set of lads starting to sing ‘You’ll never walk alone’. I started to feel a little better and starting to sing along with them but only in my head. Thenrepparttar 141839 game started and all I was thinking was that we must try to put as much pressure onrepparttar 141840 Milan players fromrepparttar 141841 get go. Then we gave away an early free-kick but at that moment our beers arrived andrepparttar 141842 girl who brought it to us took my attention for a second or two and in that moment Milan had scored a goal…There was a hush of silence now fromrepparttar 141843 bar and as I looked around I could see people in total shock at what had just happened. Me I was thinking that stupid left back of ours Djimi Traore is an awful player and not fit to wearrepparttar 141844 Liverpool shirt. My friend tried to give me some moral support by smiling and saying, don’t worry I still think Liverpool will win…I just looked sternly towardsrepparttar 141845 screen with distain. The game was all Milan’s; they were winning allrepparttar 141846 tackles, getting free-kicks in dangerous places. The Liverpool players look tired, unsure and beaten almost, it was not a pretty sight; they were chasing shadows it seemed. I just kept looking aroundrepparttar 141847 bar trying to ignore just what was happening and then it got worst. What looked like a penalty to Liverpool was denied and within seconds Milan broke away and scored. Then just beforerepparttar 141848 half time break Milan broke away once more and scored a third, by now everyone inrepparttar 141849 bar was silent and stunned butrepparttar 141850 odd Milan fans I mentioned earlier were singing away happily inrepparttar 141851 corner. I was gutted! I look at my friend and said, lets go… She looked at me and said, Ok! And as we walked out I looked back and glanced at my fellow supporters and hoped that Liverpool would not be embarrassed and come out inrepparttar 141852 second half and show some heart. As we walked home to my house I told my friend that I would cook for her and that we could watchrepparttar 141853 rest ofrepparttar 141854 game at my place. We arrived at my home just asrepparttar 141855 second half was about to start, I turned onrepparttar 141856 TV and then took out a bottle of red wine, opened it and poured two large glasses and gave one to my friend. She sat down and suddenly said, you know what Mark, ‘It’s never over untilrepparttar 141857 fat lady sings’. I think Liverpool can still make a come back and win she added. I just looked at her again thinking this girl knows nothing about football because if she did she would know that Milan would never give away three goals to a team that they have just outplayed for 45 minutes and with their defensive nature it would be totally impossible for Liverpool to make a comeback. So I smiled at her and told her to drink her wine while I preparedrepparttar 141858 dinner. As I was cutting vegetables in my kitchen, I could hear her shouting atrepparttar 141859 TV, which was strange because she did not do this inrepparttar 141860 Bar. So I took a little peak for myself and noticed that Liverpool had made some changes, The German midfielder Dietmar Hamann was now onrepparttar 141861 pitch and this gave me some hope that Liverpool could keeprepparttar 141862 score decent at least. But what it also did as well was make Steven Gerrard free to roam and move forward.

Mini Moto Madness!

Written by Matt Tong

Mini Motos have been around inrepparttar UK for around ten years now. The first bikes we’re cobbled together with parts that were already available. Small 2 stroke engines, mainly from garden machinery, were used. This type of engine is still used today for a few models and is referred to as an ‘industrial’ engine. But nowrepparttar 141542 mini moto has been given an overhaul and has taken off in popularity.

Mini Motos are true miniatures of their larger Super bike cousins. All ofrepparttar 141543 details that go intorepparttar 141544 high performance motorcycles of today are scaled down. The slick tires,repparttar 141545 race replica bodywork andrepparttar 141546 “super bike” colours are all present. Although usually only 15 to 18 inches in height and weighing 35 to 55 pounds, it can be difficult to tell they’re not full size when looking at them from a distance. The exactness of detail adds to their 'coolness' and is most certainly what has raised them to such heights of popularity.

Although beautiful, Mini Motos go well beyond being mere exquisite scale models. Advanced engineering has catapulted them to high-performance levels at only slightly outrageous prices. European companies like Blata and Polini sell units for £1200-£2000 but less expensive and arguably less reliable ones are made by Chinese manufacturers and cost £180-£400. Most models have two-stroke, 47cc engines, which run on a combination of petrol and two stroke oil. Despiterepparttar 141547 awkward-looking position it takes to mount one, they are a sheer joy to ride. The short wheelbase and overall low weight give them a lightning-fast turn andrepparttar 141548 thrill of riding so fast and so close torepparttar 141549 terra firma is indeed intoxicating. Safety measures are a must when riding Mini Motos. Gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, a leather suit and a helmet should all be worn for each and every ride. Without them, road rash is quite likely and worse injuries are possible.

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