'Resistance' means Success for Affiliates

Written by David McKenzie

I often receive emails in my inbox asking me to join new affiliate programs. In fact, I probably receive about 20 such emails every week.

What should you do when you receive offers to join a new affiliate program?

Usuallyrepparttar email goes something like “Please join our new incredible affiliate program that pays 50% direct commissions and 20% commissions forrepparttar 102543 2nd tier … “

Your mind immediately focuses onrepparttar 102544 20% direct commission and 10% indirect commissions that you receive on most of your existing affiliate programs.

It’s not enough. You could be earning more. You could be earning half on every sale! Quick, you better jump on this new affiliate program as it sounds like a real winner.

But wait…

The mistake you probably made is to joinrepparttar 102545 new affiliate program at all.

Follow these 3 “Rules of Resistance” when deciding whether to join a new affiliate program. These will help you decide whether joining a new affiliate program is reallyrepparttar 102546 right thing to do.

1. You should ONLY join a new affiliate program if you can remain focussed by adding it. Will it detract fromrepparttar 102547 affiliate programs you already promote? Does it “fit” withrepparttar 102548 existing programs you promote.

Making Your OWN Business From Affiliate Programs

Written by Joe Bingham

WHY MAKE IT YOUR OWN BUSINESS? No matter how you look at it, if you're someone else's affiliate, you are, forrepparttar most part, helping them build their business and not your own. Unless, that is, you take other's affiliate programs and re-sell items and MAKE YOUR OWN business out of them. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with helping to build another's business while being paid a commission to do so. However, think of it this way. Have you seenrepparttar 102542 cartoons where a newborn chick comes out of its shell and looks up atrepparttar 102543 first animal it sees and says 'mama' even though it's a dog or something and not it's real mother? If you refer people directly to an affiliate web page with your advertising, who is it they are establishing a connection with? That's right,repparttar 102544 affiliate program, NOT with you. Now, if your advertising leads directly to YOUR web site for YOUR business where you then make a recommendation to affiliate programs or re-sell items you believe are valuable, who are they establishing their first connection with? That's right, YOU! Sure, as they purchase items or join affiliate programs they will identify withrepparttar 102545 owners of those products or programs, but they will always remember YOU asrepparttar 102546 one that sent them there. Which means they will also remember you and your site as a resource. Now doesn't that sound like a better way to do things?

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