'Palmistry for Fun and Profit' - A Remarkable Ebook Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

'Palmistry for Fun and Profit' - A Remarkable Ebook Review by C. Bailey-Lloyd

Per Hogset is quoted as saying, "How to Find Out ANYTHING about ANYONE in 5 Minutes or Less...Just By Looking at Their Palms (Even Things They Wouldn't Want You To Know...)." His words are undeniably,repparttar most truthful accessment of his impressively-written ebook, Palmistry for Fun and Profit.

After having hadrepparttar 122231 opportunity to read Per Hogseth's ebook, I found myself deluged in its informative and intriguing composition. Word for word, it was not only easy to understand, it presented me with enlightening insight intorepparttar 122232 world of palmistry and a definitive look into personal character traits, and how to utilize palmistry knowledge to further personal growth, happiness and life fulfillment.

Palmistry for Fun and Profit is an efficacious tool for those seeking to broaden their comprehension on how to read and decipher palms. Beginning with a knowledgable introduction of palm-reading and its vast history, Palmistry for Fun and Profit compelsrepparttar 122233 student to read further and learn even more.

Comprised of detailed, palm-mapping images, Palmistry for Fun and Profit is likened to that of an educational course. It is a refined and smartly-written instructional publication on how to discoverrepparttar 122234 diverse meanings of hand/finger size and shape,repparttar 122235 independant variables in relation to Astrology, impressive line descriptions, and much more.

Forrepparttar 122236 beginner, Palmistry for Fun and Profit, is an advantageous, learning instrument - not only enhancing scholarship to reveal one's own personal attributes, abilities and destiny; this ebook is an exemplary instructional manual on how to help others uncover their own personal career and lifepaths; including individual fate, love fulfillment, and numerous other points.


Written by John Cali

Gratitude John Cali

Overrepparttar years, Joseph has spoken often about gratitude, andrepparttar 122230 wonders it can create in our lives. Inrepparttar 122231 USA this week we celebrate a day called Thanksgiving. A day of giving thanks for allrepparttar 122232 blessings in our lives. A day for expressing gratitude.

Joseph and I wrote this newsletter many years ago. But it’s never lost its timeliness, especially at this season ofrepparttar 122233 year. And especially at this time in our human and planetary evolution.

I wish you all a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving, whether you’re inrepparttar 122234 USA or another country. We all have much to be thankful for, even inrepparttar 122235 world’s current state of affairs. So let us focus on allrepparttar 122236 good in our lives, especially during this holiday season.

Chief Joseph

There are many souls incarnated onrepparttar 122237 earth plane who appear to be struggling with attracting into their livesrepparttar 122238 barest, most basic necessities of physical survival. Abundance on all, or at least many, levels seems to elude them. And many of these souls often wonder why. Why them? Why is life such a struggle? Why can they not have more in their lives, more joy, more peace, more love, more money? More of all forms of abundance?

Now you've heard it said you create your own reality. And this is true. All of you create your own realities, your own experiences, every aspect of your experiences onrepparttar 122239 earth plane. However, even in knowing that, you may find little comfort or solace.

And yet it does not have to be this way. Abundance, in all forms, is your birthright as a child ofrepparttar 122240 Goddess,repparttar 122241 God. You are not only a child ofrepparttar 122242 God/Goddess. You arerepparttar 122243 God/Goddess. You are one with God. And so this brings us back torepparttar 122244 question of why so many, even among you,repparttar 122245 lightworkers, are living lives of struggle.

You will hear, have already heard, voices telling you your “lot in life” is “God's will.” Well, that's true. The only problem is most of those uttering these words, or something similar, do not realize they are God! They arerepparttar 122246 God,repparttar 122247 Goddess who has willed their own struggles, their lot in life. Simply being aware of, and accepting, that reality is very freeing. After all,repparttar 122248 truth shall set you free.

We are in no way advocating you “beat up” on yourself if you are struggling with any aspect of your life. And, of course, it is true your higher self, your soul, can and will use whatever circumstances and conditions you are experiencing atrepparttar 122249 human level asrepparttar 122250 “raw material,” if you will, to produce a higher good for you. Another way of saying that is: Whatever is happening in your life can and will ultimately result in your highest good.

However, your highest good does not have to come through pain and struggle. It can come to you joyfully and easily. If you are not experiencingrepparttar 122251 abundance you want in your lives, it is because you are literally pushing it away from yourselves. After all, your natural state, your birthright, is abundance. You have always been provided for, even inrepparttar 122252 midst of your self-created struggles, though perhaps not in exactlyrepparttar 122253 luxurious style to which you would love to become accustomed! But you have always been taken care of.

Think about that for a moment. Think about what you considerrepparttar 122254 worst experience of your life. Even inrepparttar 122255 midst of that experience, were you not provided for? Was there not someone “watching over” you? You have never been totally destitute, totally without resources, without recourse. You are, after all, divine beings, albeit in human form for a time. But still, you are Gods and Goddesses. And, as such, you have power, great power, divine power, absolute power to do, to create, to be anything you wish.

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