'Palestinians' abuse goodwill to attack Israel

Written by Ryan Jones

Palestinian Arab terrorists continue to abuse Israeli goodwill in order to carry out murderous attacks against Jewish men, women and children, as evidenced by Monday's arrest of a would-be female “suicide” bomber in Gaza.

Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas, 21, had been granted ongoing access to “Israel proper” in order to obtain treatment at Beersheva's Soroka Medical Center for burns she suffered during a gas tank explosion earlier inrepparttar year.

A terror group affiliated with PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas's ruling Fatah faction took advantage ofrepparttar 144223 situation, and convinced Bas to strap explosives to her body and detonate them during her next visit torepparttar 144224 hospital.

Speaking from an Israeli prison hours after her arrest, Bas said she had hoped to kill as many as 50 Jews, including as many children as possible.

“I love Allah, I loverepparttar 144225 land of Palestine and I am a member of [Fatah's] Al-Aksa Brigades,” she declared.

Security officials noted this was notrepparttar 144226 first case ofrepparttar 144227 Palestinian Arabs making use of Israeli humanitarian goodwill in an effort to murder Jews.

IDF removes the gloves against Islamic Jihad

Written by Ryan Jones

Inrepparttar absence of Palestinian Authority efforts to disarm and dismantlerepparttar 144222 terrorist infrastructure in accordance with signed peace agreements, Israel Tuesday gave a green light to its security forces to go onrepparttar 144223 offensive against Islamic Jihad.

IDF soldiers arrested over 50 members ofrepparttar 144224 terror group during predawn raids in Judea and Samaria, less than a day after Islamic Jihad gunmen murdered an Israeli motorist in northern Samaria.

The detainees includedrepparttar 144225 local Jenin-area Islamic Jihad commander, who security officials said was involved inrepparttar 144226 manufacture of rockets and in planning a series of attacks against Israeli Jews.

Israel had refrained from acting againstrepparttar 144227 “Palestinian” terror groups outside of arresting “ticking bombs” forrepparttar 144228 past several months, followingrepparttar 144229 announcement of a one-sided ceasefire brokered by PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas.

That ceasefire, however, was marked by unabated Arab aggression against Israel's Jewish population, while Abbas demanded additional Israeli concessions in return forrepparttar 144230 purported truce.

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