'Manufacturing Consent' and Hypnosis

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Noam Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’:

When Chomsky speaks about “thought control in a democratic society" is he properly called a Conspiracy Theorist? Is there a real plan that our leaders have? Does it go as far as what FDR said when he noticed ‘If it happened, it was planned’? As I often say throughout all my books – ‘If there is no plan; we need one. Let’s make it a plan or conspiracy based on Love.’ Chomsky wasrepparttar educational and psychological guru for many years before he got a conscience after seeingrepparttar 105455 way his Neuro-Linguistic-Programming was used by government agencies andrepparttar 105456 medical model. He may not yet be tellingrepparttar 105457 truth of what he knows about these things. Maybe he is not aware ofrepparttar 105458 applications in conjunction withrepparttar 105459 work of Dr. Michael Persinger but in listening to his speeches a couple of times I say he is very much aware ofrepparttar 105460 underlying ethos that rules our world.


This is an entry from one volume of my Encyclopedia. The mind andrepparttar 105461 soul have ways of integrating that we have carried on a great length about under diverse entries such as Thalami, Aum (Om) and wholistic medical advances or Cancer cures. Under magnetism we mentioned Mesmer who is consideredrepparttar 105462 'Father of Hypnosis' by many. Hypnosis is just another way to achieve an altered state of consciousness like meditation or good sex. Like many avenues torepparttar 105463 soul and away fromrepparttar 105464 control of those who would keep us inrepparttar 105465 dark and treat us like mushrooms (feeding usrepparttar 105466 excrement of animals they think are as low as ‘they’ truly are); hypnotism has sufferedrepparttar 105467 attacks of many well-respected 'experts'. It has shown it has validity and value despite this often frontal assault on what actually 'works'! The power of positive thinking became a major part ofrepparttar 105468 culture and self-help genre inrepparttar 105469 70s and it is a form of hypnosis sometimes.

"Hypnosis is a level of consciousness that is being neither awake nor asleep. Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility normally characterized by focused or concentrated attention and often bodily relaxation. Music, focusing on deep breathing, isolation tanks, meditation, focusing on a word such as 'calm' over and over, running, massage, saunas, even warm baths can alter consciousness. {Fasting can accentuate any INTENT, as well.}

Terri Schiavo Dancing

Written by Roger Wright

Connecting Terri Schiavo to Mr Bojangles

He saidrepparttar name, Bojangles, and he danced a lick Acrossrepparttar 105452 cell. He grabbed his pants, a better stance, he jumped up high, He clicked his heels. He let go a laugh, he let go a laugh, Shook back his clothes all around.

During Holy Week this year, inrepparttar 105453 seeping humidity and fluorescent half light ofrepparttar 105454 3:00 am Florida hospital a nurse poked her head into Terri Schiavo’s room.

Andrepparttar 105455 nurse was alone.

Somewhere else, very, very far from that hospital room whererepparttar 105456 nurse stood alone; surrounded byrepparttar 105457 hulking quiet life support machines-----Terri and Michael were ice skating.

That trip to go ice skating started inrepparttar 105458 rolling winter cold of flat Midwestern prairie in a year of an early Easter. Off to an ice skating parade.

Chugging along in an old VW bus, Michael and a pal rolling into some basketball crazy town, turning into Will and Betsy’s heaping snow shoveled driveway---a hand lettered sign Will had stuck inrepparttar 105459 tallest snow pile right next torepparttar 105460 back door that said THIS WAY TO PARADISE! Like some sort of palm waving parade. But instead there was snow.

Betsy was playing Holly Near and Michael could hearrepparttar 105461 words as he and his pal openedrepparttar 105462 door and stepped intorepparttar 105463 warmth of Betsy’s kitchen:

The junta tookrepparttar 105464 fingers From Victor Jara's hand They said torepparttar 105465 gentle poet Play your gitar now if you can Well Victor started singing Until they shot his body down You can kill a man But not a song When it's sungrepparttar 105466 whole world round.

That trip throughrepparttar 105467 flat, white, cold Midwestern prairie; like some sort of grand holiday parade. You could almost hearrepparttar 105468 cheering crowds of fate because something big, something really, really big was going to happen. That entry intorepparttar 105469 kitchen, those sounds of coming fate, and Will said: “Michael and his pal! You’re here! Let’s have some beer!”

Just Mike, his pal and Will and Betsy. If life would have ended right then and there next to that kitchen counter ---that would have been enough. Making it through all that snow and thenrepparttar 105470 parade and thenrepparttar 105471 warmth ofrepparttar 105472 kitchen. That would have been enough. But there wasrepparttar 105473 lingering feeling that something else was coming.

And then Terri came throughrepparttar 105474 door.

Bundled up warm for winter in a puffy blue down coat and hats and scarves and sweaters and boots.

As Terri walked smiling throughrepparttar 105475 kitchen door Michael's thought was his own version ofrepparttar 105476 John Cheever line: She wasrepparttar 105477 kind of woman who could makerepparttar 105478 simple act of taking her coat and sweater off seem as if she had slammedrepparttar 105479 door on time.

And of course because they were all so young, they had to soon go somewhere---so just as soon as they all got settled, it was back out intorepparttar 105480 cold—all together now: to go ice skating.

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