“You must play by the rules”

Written by graham and julie

You must play byrepparttar rules. Everything has rules. You want to play chess then learnrepparttar 136767 rules. You want to play soccer then learnrepparttar 136768 rules. You want to play tennis then learnrepparttar 136769 rules. You want to play life then….hang on a minute…. Who wroterepparttar 136770 rules of life?

Who wroterepparttar 136771 rules to your life? Did you? When you look at your life you begin to realise that most ofrepparttar 136772 time you are living by someone else’s rules. The rules made by your family,repparttar 136773 education system,repparttar 136774 culture you grew up in. The rules made to ensure you conform and are easy to manage.

But when you look around you can see many successful people who don’t conform to your rules.

They see a different way. They have accepted that there is more to life than conforming. More to life than accepting what everyone else accepts. They see that it is important to be different. It is important to be true to yourself. It is important to live by your own values.

Yes they get it wrong sometimes. Yes they cause difficulty for others sometimes. Yes they cause others to rethink their position sometimes but they realise thatrepparttar 136775 more they live according to their own principles. The more they live according to their inbuilt valuesrepparttar 136776 more chance they have of being successful.

When you conform to other people’s rules you are reducing your opportunities. When you conform to other people’s rules you are reducing your potential.

Take a look at your life:

Dorepparttar 136777 rules, you live your life by, getrepparttar 136778 best out of you or are they designed to keep you in a box? Dorepparttar 136779 rules, you live your life by, help you to become successful or do they reduce your chances?

What do you do now, that your grand mother would have been really embarrassed at doing? What did you do today that 25 years ago would have been frowned upon?

Path to Prosperity

Written by Prem Nirmal

Thinking is an art. We need to learn how to think. It is important because whatever we think continuously becomes our personal law over a period of time. Every time we thinkrepparttar same thought, we are giving energy to that thought. With this kind of repeated energization our thinking patterns become fix and rigid. This is how we form our personal laws. http://www.premnirmal.com/books.htm

Because of our unconscious thinking, many times, we land up having negative personal laws and these laws govern us for lifetime in negative manner. “I’m poor”, “I’m no good at this”, “I’m fat”, “I’m short”, “I’m going to fail in exam / interview etc”, “I’ll not be able to achieve my goals”, are negative thoughts related torepparttar 136697 issue of poverty consciousness. Once trapped in these kinds of negative thoughts, one can spend a lot of time floating in negative thinking. Not attending torepparttar 136698 root cause of negative thinking is like pulling atrepparttar 136699 top ofrepparttar 136700 weed, only to have it grow back again and again. The issue can be resolved withrepparttar 136701 following steps:

Step: 1: Acknowledge: When we become aware of such thoughts,repparttar 136702 first thing is to acknowledgerepparttar 136703 same with equanimity. Acknowledgingrepparttar 136704 fact makes us powerful to see our unconscious thinking and gives us hope to change. Now there is no need to escape fromrepparttar 136705 reality. Acknowledgingrepparttar 136706 negative thoughts isrepparttar 136707 powerful step that prepares us to get ready for re-scripting.

Step: 2: Re-scripting: Once we have identifiedrepparttar 136708 core negative belief, which in this case is poverty consciousness, it is possible to do conscious re-scripting ofrepparttar 136709 same. Re-scripting is done in affirmative manner. E.g. Instead of “I’m poor” one can state it as “I’ve an opportunity of creating abundance”. Oncerepparttar 136710 re-scripting is done forrepparttar 136711 primary thought,repparttar 136712 secondary thoughts will take care of themselves. In this case “I’m going to fail in exam / interview etc” isrepparttar 136713 secondary thought. It will automatically change to “Exam / Interview is an opportunity to create abundance”. This way all other related secondary thoughts will change in positive manner.

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