“Work Stinks” Smelliest Shirt Contest

Written by PressSuccess.com

San Diego, CA – It’s time to say, “Work stinks!” No, this isn’t a new Country Western song title. It isn’t even a new idea. But it is a reality.

At any given time, only 50.7 percent ofrepparttar workforce is happy onrepparttar 148135 job, according to a study by NFO Research, Inc., cited by CNN.com. Now it’s time to showrepparttar 148136 world just how much some work really stinks by participating inrepparttar 148137 Smelliest Shirt contest sponsored by Mr. Keynote, Gregory Scott Reid, AKA The Millionaire Mentor.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have had some success in my life, as well asrepparttar 148138 opportunity to meet with some very powerful and influential people overrepparttar 148139 years,” said Gregory Scott Reid. “I want to give back and help others help themselves, too.”

Reid, well-known speaker and three-time Number 1 Best-Selling Author of, "The Millionaire Mentor," "Wake Up: Live The Life You Love," and "Positive Impact," invites people from all walks of life to participate by sending in their “smelliest” shirt when they sign up for, “It’s All Who You Know,”repparttar 148140 Inspirational Awards weekend & Charitable Event. Hosted November 4-5, 2005, in San Diego,repparttar 148141 event features several top keynote speakers who will be honored for their accomplishments and share their key success secrets.

Contestants can be high-stress workers like financial advisors or stockbrokers underrepparttar 148142 gun with sweaty, dirty collars and stained armpit stains. Or they can be laborers or animal pooper-scoopers or anyone.

Major Gifts: How To Get More Of Them For Your Nonprofit

Written by Berwyn J. Kemp

Many nonprofit organizations focus their attention on annual giving programs, such as, direct mail and special events. Yet neglect setting up an effective major gift program, or if they have a major gift solicitation program they fail to effectively implement it to it's full potential. If you are currently focusing on annual giving, then you are not getting allrepparttar funding you could get from an effective major gift program, and you are making a big mistake.

Because an ongoing and effective major gift solicitation program can, and will produce a very large block of capital for your nonprofit organization on a regular basis. And such a program can give your organization these funds with a relatively small investment of time and money being needed, as compared torepparttar 148129 return you will get.

Here are some guidelines to help you set up your major gift program, or obtain more funds fromrepparttar 148130 program you are already using:

1. Set up a major gift committee, which should include your board chairman, two or three other board members, and your executive director. This committee could also include two or three community leaders or movers and shakers in your community. Withrepparttar 148131 main idea here being that those who solicit major gifts for your organizations should be at or nearrepparttar 148132 same social-economic level as those they will be soliciting for major gifts.

2. Survey your universe of major donors and donor prospects by carefully reviewing your own donor data bases for moderate donors with a regular history of making larger than usual gifts, and of course those who have already made major gifts to your organization.

3. Develop a questionnaire for your board members, key staff members, and volunteers leaders to list their banker, insurance rep, doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, as well as their spouse, and their family, friends, and associates who are capable of making a major gifts, and might be solicited to do so. This list should also be supplemented with names from printed sources of information such as published information on major gifts made in your area, local society columns for people of note and etc.

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