“VERIUNI” - Long Distance Telephone Service

Written by Borislav Kovachev

Finally, you haverepparttar freedom to choose a plan that is best for you! Save up to 50% or more on every long distance call! 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. And with 6-second billing, you will stop paying for time you don't use. - 4.25c is a perfect calling plan for users that know they spend at least $25 per month on long distance. - 4.9c is a perfect calling plan for users that wantrepparttar 125519 best value with no restrictions, no minimums, and no hassle.

Actress Shannon Elizabeth is America's Sweetheart

Written by Dawnell Harrison

What does actress Shannon Elizabeth, animals, and Christine Santos have in common? They are all angels sent to us by some high power. Animal Avengers began rescuing and helpingrepparttar cute critters ofrepparttar 125518 world about 2 1/2 years ago and have three branches, all onrepparttar 125519 west coast inrepparttar 125520 gorgeous San Fernando Valley, LA, and South Bay. I sat down (ok, we sent e-mails back and forth) with Ms. Christine Santos recently and she gave me so much great information that I wish I had more room for a longer story, but maybe next issue. Animal Avengers began when actress Shannon Elizabeth and her

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