“Too Much Stuff” Syndrome or How Decorating and Organizing Can Help Your Sanity

Written by Lisa DeClue

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“Too Much Stuff” Syndrome or How Decorating and Organizing Can Help Your Sanity by Lisa DeClue

This area of home life is different from others in that it involves allrepparttar 136786 senses and to that degree it is successful, engendering varying emotions. Decorating isn't really a hobby, nor is it merely an activity; it's a driving force of many people to live in comfortable and pleasing surroundings while they regenerate from a stressful world. Yet, decorating by itself is not nearly as completely satisfying as having an organized home that is rich in beautiful detail. Decorating and organizing go hand-in-hand, like a one-two punch of home completion.

In an effort to motivate you to action, use these suggestions to help you on your way to an organized home this spring and summer.

Paper Clutter 1.If you’re like my dear Mother and you still have newspapers from 1978 because you haven’t read them all: Don’t walk, RUN torepparttar 136787 sanitation department and rent an industrial sized dumpster to leave in your driveway for a week. 2.I’m giving you permission to touch your incoming mail and papers more than once – only ifrepparttar 136788 second “touching” is onrepparttar 136789 way torepparttar 136790 dumpster. 3.You know that pile of “things to file” that keeps growing? Guess what – dump that too. You can always print off another copy or send away forrepparttar 136791 info. overrepparttar 136792 Internet. (This, coming fromrepparttar 136793 daughter of a paper monster…)

Clothing Twice a year, my mom would make me try on clothes forrepparttar 136794 upcoming season. She would invariably choose cold mornings to try on summer things andrepparttar 136795 hottest day on record to slip into woolens and flannels… (If your kids give you flack for trying on clothes inrepparttar 136796 comfort of air conditioning, you may use this as your own example.) If you haven’t worn something inrepparttar 136797 time it took you to have your second child, it’s probably not worth hanging on to (unless, of course,repparttar 136798 dumpster is full).

The Ultimate sting

Written by Holly and Shirley Yanez

The Ultimate Sting Looking for Harvey Weinstein Brassy, ballsy and full of energy.

A totem of two women’s struggle to do something worthwhile in life, it certainly knows how to serve up endless comical observations. This is what comedy is supposed to be. The delivery, too, is polished, every line, every joke, enhancingrepparttar material, making for a thoroughly enjoyable read. The women and their breathless brand of glamorous, gossipy, camp, snobby, self-deprecating, fast-paced banter is second to none but it isrepparttar 136593 delivery that sells this story, as this story, is a reality they live every day. This out ofrepparttar 136594 box, true tawdry tale, brags an A list celebrity cast of characters for real butrepparttar 136595 side splitting comedy is served up atrepparttar 136596 expense of two unknown likely lasses fromrepparttar 136597 North of England. Two fatal mistakes, namelyrepparttar 136598 jailers, an anonymous pair of devastatingly handsome Latino American brothers, natives of Los Angeles andrepparttar 136599 two Brits find themselves trapped in Hollywood whererepparttar 136600 water list is more extensive thanrepparttar 136601 wine list, smoking is a hanging offence and cheese can only be found betweenrepparttar 136602 athletes foot infested toes of every all American wannabe. Written inrepparttar 136603 third person, it gives a voyeuristic peak intorepparttar 136604 rarely told but more frequently experienced Hollywood; that is, if you’re a nobody.

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