“Mommy, I Can’t Sleep!”: Sleep Disturbance in Children

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

"Just turnrepparttar lights off and go to sleep"

Do you find yourself saying this to your child? Well, you’re not alone!!

Sleep problems are some ofrepparttar 141676 most common problems parents face with their children. Some parents struggle with getting their child to sleep throughrepparttar 141677 night. New parents worry about how to help their child learn good sleep habits that last a lifetime. And still others wonder if their child’s sleep difficulties are chronic and are concerned that their child may be going through their days sleep-deprived.

Studies reveal that a significant number of children have some form of a sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbances among children and adolescents are common. Prolonged changes in sleep patterns, if left untreated, can result in significant emotional, behavioral, and cognitive impairment and can put your child at risk for poor school performance, accidents, and social or medical problems. The key is to identify changes in sleep, and to know when to seek assistance. Sleep disturbance can take several forms including:

•difficulty falling asleep •trouble staying asleep •frequently awakening

There also are other variations of sleep issues known as parasomnias, e.g., night terrors or sleepwalking.

To alleviate your child's sleep disturbance, try these simple steps:

•Keep bedtime atrepparttar 141678 same time each night: This helps your child establish a structure and enforces a predictable routine. •Monitor unnecessary environmental stimuli: Minimizerepparttar 141679 light and noise inrepparttar 141680 child’s bedroom (music, lights) •Encourage pre-bedtime relaxation: Children respond well to activities that allow them to wind down such as a warm bath, massage or aromatherapy •Share some activity: Dedicate time to reading a bedtime story or talking about your child’s day and encouraging meditation and reflection •Planrepparttar 141681 transition: Easerepparttar 141682 child into new processes by discussing changes and comforting their transition into healthy sleep habits

Wine and Dine Them

Written by Bob Bassett

For friends that enjoyrepparttar finer things in life, a wine gift basket is a tasteful choice that they will be sure to appreciate. There are also gift baskets available with champagne, beer, hard cider, and even specialty soft drinks for those that don't drink wine.

Wine gift baskets center around all varieties of wine and champagne. Ifrepparttar 141654 recipient has a preference for a certain type of wine, for instance Chablis or Merlot, you can probably find a basket featuring it. If you aren't familiar with wine, most local wine and liquor stores can answer your questions. Some even offer classes on wine appreciation and wine tasting. If you are shopping online, contactrepparttar 141655 seller ofrepparttar 141656 wine gift basket you are interested in purchasing. If they are unable to answer your question, they can probably direct you to a good resource that can.

Small and local wineries may offer wine gift baskets. If you live near a wine producing area such as California's Napa Valley or New York's Finger Lakes region, you may be able to purchase a basket in their gift shop. Don't worry, if you don't live somewhere convenient to a winery, though. Online retailers have a great selection and can ship your purchases to many locations. Because champagne and wine are alcoholic beverages, there may be more shipping restrictions than with other gift basket choices.

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