I Should Be Doing . But

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

I Should Be Doing . But

What a perfect fall Saturday morning, clear sunny blue sky, with a crisp breeze blowing. Its justrepparttar one Ive been waiting for to begin that yearly regimen, Fall Clean Up. Throwing on some old work clothes, grabbing a mug of steaming coffee and picking uprepparttar 118150 list of jobs offrepparttar 118151 kitchen table, I head outside.

First order of business is to sit onrepparttar 118152 back step, drink some coffee helps to getrepparttar 118153 eyes fully opened and begin going overrepparttar 118154 list. Its not a particularly long list, however, there isrepparttar 118155 possibility of finishing this mug of wake-up juice, which will then require a trip back torepparttar 118156 kitchen for another.

This is a yearly ritual, so Ive gotrepparttar 118157 routine down pat. The process was started several weeks-ago, by first leaving a pad of paper onrepparttar 118158 counter where it was always visible this way when someone usually me thought of a job it could be jotted down. This is going to save time and guarantee everything will get done. Well, it certainly sounds like a good idea.

All right, now thatrepparttar 118159 second mug yes, it did happen is almost finished, its time to takerepparttar 118160 annual walk. This means walking aroundrepparttar 118161 house and yard withrepparttar 118162 list of course and double-checking that everything is posted.

Oh, are you wondering whats on this sacred list? Nothing terribly exciting justrepparttar 118163 following: 1.Cleanrepparttar 118164 outside of windows 2.Gather up all lawn furniture to be stored in basement 3.Collect garden figures also to be stored in basement 4.Begin cleaning fallen leaves from garden beds 5.Cut back plants in beds after leaves have been cleaned out

The Start of Civilisation via the Back Passage!

Written by Thick Mick

Following is an excerpt from The Trivial Times . Some consideration must be made forrepparttar many memory inconsistencies of Thick Mick. He does his best! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick here, It's hard to believe, I know, but Civilisation was man-made, and my great grand uncle won a Nobel Piece Prize for his part.

Wind back your time-piece torepparttar 118149 year 6000 B.C., and be careful not to breakrepparttar 118150 spring as I did.

It was winter, as usual, and though our daily lives appeared to berepparttar 118151 will of external forces, some special people hadrepparttar 118152 foresight to make decisions that would affect todays' population.

Though I get over-paid for my column, please be patient as I take you through it.

There was a particular Pagan ritual that provided us with fun, onrepparttar 118153 face of it, but was actually a brainstorm that ensuredrepparttar 118154 current judical system of today.

It was known as THE GAME. This wasn't a nocturnal activity, or a matching of skills for that matter.

We had no skills!

It was latin for "MAGE" or "Mag", and was a much finer publication thanrepparttar 118155 trivial times, even withrepparttar 118156 chisel marks. The Mag wasrepparttar 118157 prize for a one thousand feet free-fall dive into a pool. We had no spring boards either, or indeed, restrictive swim suits.

The pool was not likerepparttar 118158 modern olympic standard pools of today, which drain chlorine-laden storm water torepparttar 118159 innards ofrepparttar 118160 earth.

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