“I Finally Discovered The Secret To FREE Content No One Else Has!”

Written by Mark Kessler

There are many tips and techniques to increase your search engine ranking. One of repparttar most powerful, yet simple method is sharing content, as in, writing articles that you then feed to article directories. Done right, this technique will improve link popularity, and drive an enormous amount of targeted traffic to your offer.

Article writing can become a tedious, mind-numbing experience, for a number of reasons. One ofrepparttar 141545 biggest hurdles is gathering content that is fresh, valuable, and not easily accessible. Yet, it is tremendously compelling to your target market. Where do you find this kind of information?

Corporate web sites!

I’ve used this technique for several niches, and it’s fairly simple to do. This also works well for product creation, which I’ll explain in a moment.

You are going to do a little digging at first, but once you repeat this process, it becomes fairly simple. Findrepparttar 141546 corporate web site forrepparttar 141547 companies that make repparttar 141548 products your target market is buying or have an interest in. You might have to do a little ‘link dancing’ to find them.

Once at their site, look forrepparttar 141549 “press room or media center.” There, you will find current and past press releases or white paper releases full of fresh, valuable, and not easily accessible content. (because your competition doesn’t know where to look for it)

Climb Aboard the Boat to Success

Written by Denise Hall

Viral Marketing isrepparttar fastest way to generate more traffic, sales and opt-in list members. It works in a way similar to viruses that causerepparttar 141379 common cold, spreading from one person to another very quickly. Yet many Internet marketers don't use Viral Marketing techniques, and, as a result, they're missingrepparttar 141380 boat to bigger and better profits.

Definition of Viral Marketing: a method that causes people to pass on your marketing message to others.

As an Internet marketer, you must "brand" yourself among prospects in your target market. Just as a virus can be passed from person to person, so can your marketing message. And, like a good joke, gossip or a rumor, it spreads like wildfire.

Creating a free e-book or report, for example, to offer your website visitors or ezine subscribers keeps your name or product in front of them. How? By including links to your website or affiliate programs withinrepparttar 141381 e-book.

And by giving them an incentive to pass along your report to others, you'll create a turbo-charged Viral Marketing machine. Simply allowing them to brandrepparttar 141382 e-book with their name and website URL will getrepparttar 141383 ball rolling.

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