“I Finally Discovered The Secret To FREE Content No One Else Has!”

Written by Mark Kessler

There are many tips and techniques to increase your search engine ranking. One of repparttar most powerful, yet simple method is sharing content, as in, writing articles that you then feed to article directories. Done right, this technique will improve link popularity, and drive an enormous amount of targeted traffic to your offer.

Article writing can become a tedious, mind-numbing experience, for a number of reasons. One ofrepparttar 141541 biggest hurdles is gathering content that is fresh, valuable, and not easily accessible. Yet, it is tremendously compelling to your target market. Where do you find this kind of information?

Corporate web sites!

I’ve used this technique for several niches, and it’s fairly simple to do. This also works well for product creation, which I’ll explain in a moment.

You are going to do a little digging at first, but once you repeat this process, it becomes fairly simple. Findrepparttar 141542 corporate web site forrepparttar 141543 companies that make repparttar 141544 products your target market is buying or have an interest in. You might have to do a little ‘link dancing’ to find them.

Once at their site, look forrepparttar 141545 “press room or media center.” There, you will find current and past press releases or white paper releases full of fresh, valuable, and not easily accessible content. (because your competition doesn’t know where to look for it)

How Google Indexes Content From Your Web Directory

Written by Martin Lemieux

How Google Indexes Content From Your Web Directory By: Martin Lemieux

In a fluke, I was able to notice something aboutrepparttar way Google indexes content from web directories. Excluding your template,repparttar 141414 most important line of code isrepparttar 141415 first title you add to your main body.

Search through Google and see for yourself!

Try searching for "something" in "yourcity","province/state" and look for a web business directory that you recognize. Once you find a directory, take a good look atrepparttar 141416 description of that particular listing (notrepparttar 141417 title). It may be a good idea to write it down. Once complete, click onrepparttar 141418 "cache" of that page within Google to highlightrepparttar 141419 content and viewrepparttar 141420 web directory page.

9 out of 10 timesrepparttar 141421 description of your website listing within Google is partly taken fromrepparttar 141422 first line of code you have within your main body of content (excluding your header, footer, & sidebar). You will notice that this only applies for a web directory. Any personal or business related website gets indexed differently. If you take a look atrepparttar 141423 Google directory, we findrepparttar 141424 same thing: Take a look here: http://www.google.com/dirhp?hl=en

Browse to any sub-category and look atrepparttar 141425 first line of text. You will find thatrepparttar 141426 title withinrepparttar 141427 main body of content before anything else, is within an H1 tag.

H1 tags & H2 tags are nothing new torepparttar 141428 development community but, there may still be many directories online that can increase their search engine rankings by changing a few things.

Here's an example we see very often online; (I am also guilty of this)

You have just developed an impressive web directory and you are very proud of your creation. Inrepparttar 141429 process of organizing your massive directory you were faced with a problem on how to allow people to browse your website and how to let search engines browse through your categories with ease. So with that in mind, you createrepparttar 141430 "alphabetical solution".


Search Categories By Alphabetical Order: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z

The problem with this alphabetical solution (I am also guilty as charged) is that we tend to add this development solution torepparttar 141431 top of our page so that our visitors and possibly search engines can find these extra categories easily. << This is probably hurting your results in many ways.

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