“How to Develop More Consistency in the Golf Swing”

Written by Sean Cochran

Imagine every one of your shots inrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 145634 fairway, every chip two feet fromrepparttar 145635 hole, and every putt nailingrepparttar 145636 center ofrepparttar 145637 cup. Well, maybe some of us dream of never having to ever putt and each approach shot goes intorepparttar 145638 hole, but I think you getrepparttar 145639 picture. A consistent swing is probably what many golfers dream of when our heads hitrepparttar 145640 pillow.

The majority of us are aware that golf is a game that requires consistent shot making to be successful (and have fun). If we are hooking, slicing, and hitting our wedges fat, it can really start to get frustrating. Consistency is key to hitting a low score and enjoyingrepparttar 145641 game. So how do we get there?

First, let us do a little review ofrepparttar 145642 golf swing. To hitrepparttar 145643 ball squarely onrepparttar 145644 center ofrepparttar 145645 club head you must takerepparttar 145646 club throughrepparttar 145647 proper swing path. A proper swing path will allowrepparttar 145648 club to align itself correctly withrepparttar 145649 ball to hitrepparttar 145650 shot you are trying to hit. For more advanced players this could be inrepparttar 145651 form of a draw, fade, cut, or some other variation. Higher handicappers will be happy with just plain old straight shots. Anyway, this process begins with your address, moves through your take away, intorepparttar 145652 back swing, ontorepparttar 145653 transition between back swing and down swing, into contact, and finishes withrepparttar 145654 follow through.

Quite a complex sequence of events forrepparttar 145655 body to perform! And we all know that if our timing is slightly off, or we are just a little off mechanically, disaster isrepparttar 145656 result.

Knowing that a consistent swing requiresrepparttar 145657 execution of these complex moves over and over again is quite mind-blowing. But let’s get back to our question: how do we develop a consistent golf swing? The answer is two-fold, and I imagine most golfers are aware ofrepparttar 145658 first point but probably only a few are aware ofrepparttar 145659 second. The keys to a consistent swing are: 1) efficient golf swing mechanics and 2)repparttar 145660 body. Got it? Good, now I can stop writing this article and all of us can become scratch golfers, right? Well, not exactly, and I imagine some of you are saying, “I already know all this stuff.” Others may be quite intrigued. Regardless of which category you fall into, let me expand on each of these topics a little.

Golf Swing Mechanics

Golf Swing mechanics is probablyrepparttar 145661 easier ofrepparttar 145662 two areas to understand. It isrepparttar 145663 reason why we take golf lessons and practice so much atrepparttar 145664 range. Beginning at address, moving through allrepparttar 145665 stages ofrepparttar 145666 golf swing, and finishing withrepparttar 145667 follow through,repparttar 145668 body is required to move through a specific sequence of movements to performrepparttar 145669 golf swing correctly. Ifrepparttar 145670 body does not move through this sequence properly thenrepparttar 145671 result will be a poor, inefficient and awkward looking swing. Over time, a poor swing results in poor consistency (every once in awhile you hit a good shot regardless of your swing, that’s what keeps us coming back for more). An easy example of this is when you “come overrepparttar 145672 top” withrepparttar 145673 club. This usually results in a slice (I know, easy thing to do and very hard to correct).

In addition torepparttar 145674 body performing an intricate number of biomechanical movements inrepparttar 145675 golf swing, timing of these movements is critical for you to hitrepparttar 145676 ball successfully. Each and every biomechanical movement withinrepparttar 145677 golf swing has a certain sequence and timing. If they are not performed inrepparttar 145678 correct order or timing, thenrepparttar 145679 golf swing will not be efficient. Poor timing results in those wonderful slices, snap hooks, chili dips and toppingrepparttar 145680 ball that we know all too well.

Where can I go on a kitesurfing vacation?

Written by Jakob Jelling

If you've been kitesurfing for a while, you might find yourself getting tired of kitesurfing inrepparttar same place over and over. After all, different locations will have different conditions - which could mean a nice challenge, or at least a break fromrepparttar 145449 ordinary. Therefore, if you've been kitesurfing for a while, and you're starting to find your favorite beach a little bit boring, you might want to think about traveling to another location in order to go kitesurfing.

There are several different places aroundrepparttar 145450 world where kitesurfing is particularly popular. By finding a local kitesurfing club in that area, you should be able to get allrepparttar 145451 information you need in order to find out whererepparttar 145452 best places to kitesurf are. One thing to remember if you're kitesurfing in another country, however, is that you should always ask aboutrepparttar 145453 conditions at your new beach before you go in.

For instance, you can definitely go kitesurfing in Australia. If you're thinking of doing that, then you should look uprepparttar 145454 AKSA - orrepparttar 145455 Australian KiteSurfing Association. This group will be able to give you allrepparttar 145456 information you need about kitesurfing in Australia. Something to consider when doing any water activity in Australia, however, is thatrepparttar 145457 waters surrounding this country can be very dangerous. Always make sure that you pay attention to jellyfish or shark warnings.

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