“How To Tell If Someone You Meet In An Online Profile Or Advert Is Married/Partnered Or A Troll" Article 3 of 5

Written by Murray Hughes

----------------------------------------------- Subtitle – Liar, Liar! Pants On Fire! -----------------------------------------------

Today, you'll learn about 2 yellow-flag indicationsrepparttar person onrepparttar 132148 other end of your online chat is possibly a troll (married, partnered or undesirable)..

1.Statute Of Contact Limitations

Beware, beware of anyone putting conditions on when and where you can contact them.

For example - ”Sorry, but I don’t have a land-line, only a cell-phone.”

Or ”Don’t call me on weekends or after 8:30pm”

Or ”Always let me know by email first that you are going to phone me.”

Or "Never leave a message on my answering machine."

You need to ask yourself:

”Who has a cell phone but no land-line?”

”What makes a person unavailable to speak onrepparttar 132149 phone on weekends and evenings?”

”Why would someone require forewarning before being contacted by phone?”

"What'srepparttar 132150 problem with leaving messages onrepparttar 132151 answering machine of someone you're dating online?"

Suspicious wouldn’t you agree?

Inrepparttar 132152 real-world some excuses may be plausible but unfortunately lying is much more prevelent online, so you must be more skeptical in your judgment of what you read from other people.

The exception whererepparttar 132153 above may be acceptable is ifrepparttar 132154 dater is still in a dead relationship that hasn’t officially ended because of ownership of joint assets or even marriage.

Personally, even in these cases I would still steer clear. Sometimes relationships can take a long time to end and then you may just be catching them onrepparttar 132155 rebound with a whole lot of emotional baggage to boot, anyway.

If any of these contact limitations are imposed on you I suggest you tryrepparttar 132156 following:

- confront them about it, be gentle but persistent. If they consistently say they can’t tell you why or won't revokerepparttar 132157 contact limitations then I would say “Bye, bye.”

“How To Tell If Someone You Meet In An Online Profile Or Advert Is Married/Partnered Or A Troll" Article 1 of 5

Written by Murray Hughes

Subtitle – A Troll? Whatrepparttar **** is that and why should I give a hoot?

First, let’s get clear on our terms.

Forrepparttar 132146 purpose of this article, “Troll” has two meanings.

1.The traditional online meaning (if there is such a thing) is someone who posts messages to a forum or chatroom just to stir up a fight, or to bait someone.

For example, you could have some 15-year-old straight boy teenager and his friends respond to your online personal profile just because they want to lure you in then bash you, either verbally or— heavens forbid — in person.

2.The gay man’s term, “troll,” also has a very specific meaning. It applies to undesirable, ugly men who have little or no social skills and thus, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

And before you decide “Well I’m a lesbian, so that counts me out” let me tell you something:

Lesbians are a ‘target’ of trolls.

Some thuggish types get their jollies by harassing lesbians or even try to set up dates because they think lesbians are actually porn-stars who go both ways – You think I’m joking? Think again!

In either case, if a troll responds to your online personal

profile, it is imperative you are able to detect him and break off communication immediately. In some cases your well-being may depend on it.

Put up your hand if you have ever had a gay friend ‘homo- bashed’.

My hand is up.

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