“Gimme” Proof Your Kids: How To Keep Your Child’s Materialism In Check

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

It’srepparttar first day ofrepparttar 147546 summer holiday. Five year-old Stephanie is shopping with you at Wal-Mart and picks out three stuffed animals that she saw inrepparttar 147547 movie Madagascar. “Oh Mom please! I want to bring Alex and Gloria and Melman to Kinder Gym with me!” she says and stomps off in disgust when you tell her she has to choose only one.

Your eight-year old, Alex, comes home from Summer Day Camp. “I need an iPod!” he declares, “Thomas has one and it’s sweet!” Your first thought is, “What’s an iPod?” Once Alex fills you in onrepparttar 147548 latest must-have gadget, you’re floored byrepparttar 147549 ticket price and wonder why he needs one when he already has a walkman.

To top it off, your ten-year old, Tabitha, woke up this morning with a singular mission; to have pierced ears with diamond studs like her new best-friend Sarah byrepparttar 147550 end ofrepparttar 147551 day, when last week she thought body piercings of any kind were gross. She has spentrepparttar 147552 entire day begging you to bring her torepparttar 147553 Salon to get them pierced, ate her dinner in silence and retreated to her room to call Sarah and complain about how unfair her parents are.

You finishrepparttar 147554 day exhausted byrepparttar 147555 challenges of managing “gimme” requests from your children. Sitting down with your partner afterrepparttar 147556 kids have been put to bed, you share your concerns aboutrepparttar 147557 day’s events. You’re both left wondering how your children became so materialistic, and worried that they are becoming followers rather than children who are secure in themselves and their values. A change is needed! But where to begin?

Duringrepparttar 147558 grade-school years, children grow more interested inrepparttar 147559 material world than they were back in kindergarten. Motivated by a combination of an increasing awareness of what other kids have andrepparttar 147560 desire to fit in by havingrepparttar 147561 same things themselves, their acquisitiveness begins to become more apparent.

A child’s age-appropriate progression from self-awareness to awareness of others is compounded byrepparttar 147562 society in which we live. We live in an age of affluence, at times one obsessed with status and possession. Evidenced by TV and other forms of media. One message is coming through loud and clear: You are what you buy and what you own. There’s no doubt that it has become increasingly difficult to raise children in this world of materialism, distraction and temptation.

Using House Slippers Make You Feel At Home

Written by Diana Claire

Do you have any idea of what house slipper is? Well…if you look around there are some slippers available, and this slipper is just one of it. There are also bedroom slippers, basement slippers,repparttar slippers you wear when you go out to getrepparttar 147466 morning paper and other more.

Why do people use or wear house slipper? What’s so special about it? When you're feeling cold at your house nothing could be cozier than slipping your feet into a pair of slippers on a cold day. There are slides, mules, comfy slip-ons in leather and suede, corduroy or shearling. There are elegant slippers, cartoon character slippers, manly slippers, and baby slippers. One thing all slippers have in common is how at-home they make you feel.

When you wake up inrepparttar 147467 morning, especially on a cold winter day, what better feeling is there than to step into your warm, snug slippers? Lounging aroundrepparttar 147468 house, slippers arerepparttar 147469 perfect accessory to have.

Slippers You Need

A number of house slipper’s types will be a great choice for you. There are different styles for your entire family member. What are they? Here are some of them: acorn Kids' Slipper Sock; acorn Women's Cashmere Mule; acorn Women's Ultra Moc; Ugg Men’s Clugg; Old Friend Mens Scuff; Ugg Men’s Byron; and other more.

Wherever you decide to wear your slippers, especially your leather slippers, you can count on wearing them for a long time--these slippers are built to last. Wear them inrepparttar 147470 morning, afternoon, or evening, inrepparttar 147471 autumn or during winter--you can be sure that many days and many seasons will pass and your slippers will remain intact. The level of reliability and comfort of these slippers is high, and you will be convinced once you've owned a pair for yourself!

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