“End-Times” and the “Other” Bible

Written by Marshall Masters

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“End-Times” andrepparttar 138295 “Other” Bible

Marshall Masters and Janice Manning © 2005 Marshall Masters

Can you imagine Biblical “End-Times” prophecies happening in your lifetime? Does thinking about disasters likerepparttar 138296 three days of darkness andrepparttar 138297 Wormwood predictions trouble you when you’re alone inrepparttar 138298 still ofrepparttar 138299 night? If so,repparttar 138300 “End-times” knowledge in a Bible-era wisdom text called The Kolbrin offers hope through new insights. Parts of it were written inrepparttar 138301 very days when Jesus walkedrepparttar 138302 Earth, and it echoesrepparttar 138303 warnings ofrepparttar 138304 Bible, that we could be inrepparttar 138305 “End-Times!”

Unlikerepparttar 138306 rare and arcane texts used by Bible researchers, The Kolbrin offers a familiar way to understand Bible prophecy. Written with families in mind, it offers simple “you-were-there” style accounts of many ofrepparttar 138307 disasters also mentioned inrepparttar 138308 Bible. As a historical text, it coversrepparttar 138309 period between Exodus andrepparttar 138310 last additions torepparttar 138311 New Testament.


Within its 548 pages, The Kolbrin offers a profound collection of prophecies and creation stories. Published by Your Own World Books in both print and ebook editions, it is now available at Amazon.com and other popular Internet bookseller sites.

By reading and sharing this ancient text with others, you will deepen your understanding ofrepparttar 138312 Nature of God because ofrepparttar 138313 way it complementsrepparttar 138314 Bible. While God usedrepparttar 138315 Bible to chroniclerepparttar 138316 growth of a Nation, The Kolbrin chroniclesrepparttar 138317 lives of those who loved Him, and in a manner that reaches deep intorepparttar 138318 soul ofrepparttar 138319 reader.

From ancient times and different lands,repparttar 138320 Bible and The Kolbrin contributors describe many ofrepparttar 138321 same accounts. Focused on individual impact, The Kolbrin’s authors make you feelrepparttar 138322 gritty darkness against your skin, hear locusts swarming in to destroy your crops, and then leave you to watch your livestock whither and die before you.

The Kolbrin also offers ancient stories that could have been excluded fromrepparttar 138323 Bible during its first translations centuries ago. These ancient stories reveal new “End-Times” perspectives with breathtaking clarity. You’ll read about “End-Times” harbingers such asrepparttar 138324 giant “sky-monsters” (meteors) that battled inrepparttar 138325 heavens above until God cut them apart and threw them down uponrepparttar 138326 Earth.

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