Written by Doug Krieger


Syria has become a priority target of US/Israeli preemption inrepparttar War on Terrorism. The recent Mosul homicide bomber only validatesrepparttar 145689 Syrian connection, as far as US military strategists are concerned. Our last blog highlighted how neocon policy makers and think tanks (both in America and in Israel) have sought to “deterrorize”repparttar 145690 region.

The effort at Mideast reconfiguration onrepparttar 145691 part of these strategists has been to defang Saddam Hussein first, thereby encircling Syria; and from thence, to neutralize Iran. Although Israelis have broughtrepparttar 145692 Hashemite monarchy intorepparttar 145693 equation (i.e., as a “tribal strategy” after Saddam’s demise for Iraq), that particular “gift to Jordan” may not be necessary, givenrepparttar 145694 fact that a “working democracy” is all that matters in Iraq in any event—notwithstanding Osama’s calls for Iraqis to boycottrepparttar 145695 January 2005 elections.

How Syria’s overthrow can be justified by these policy makers was repeatedly demonstrated inrepparttar 145696 last article; so now, as promised, we will discussrepparttar 145697 Biblical ramifications ofrepparttar 145698 equation—and this isrepparttar 145699 part thatrepparttar 145700 Left just loves to hate (whereas they most likely enjoyed our initial “secular analysis”); but, we’re not out to please eitherrepparttar 145701 Left norrepparttar 145702 Right—we’ll settle forrepparttar 145703 ABSOLUTE TRUTH (don’t you just love that expression—it sounds so final and almost pompous; don’t mean it to be that way, but if you want to take it that way, be our guest).


While taking our excursion downrepparttar 145704 Road to Damascus, we encountered a most troubling and confusing theological phenomenon known as “Augustinian Malaise”—a not so subtle immune deficiency disorder afflicting bothrepparttar 145705 Liberal wing ofrepparttar 145706 Church (throughoutrepparttar 145707 world), as well as Evangelical Dominionists who are “theologically allied” with their Liberal foes. Both wish to reformrepparttar 145708 current governmental social order—whether they wish to admit it or not. At leastrepparttar 145709 Evangelical Dominionists (THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SITE) admit it; whilst their erstwhile liberal allies, who abhor anything that bespeaks of inerrancy, denounce their theologically allied Dominionist “compatriots.”

These Liberal foes have no theological idea to whom they are theologically united—instead they abhorrepparttar 145710 barbaric fundamentalists who ascribe to a more Biblical hermeneutical eschatology. These Scofield-Darbyites, along with their total distortions ofrepparttar 145711 real Jesus, have been (in “liberalism’s progressive dialect”) a disaster to American Christianity, whereas PROGRESSIVE and, therefore, enlightened Christian Liberalism’s embrace of Augustinian spiritualization ofrepparttar 145712 Revelation text, demonstratesrepparttar 145713 real intent ofrepparttar 145714 “prophetic Scriptures” which is far and awayrepparttar 145715 true spirit of Christianity and its gospel of love and social justice!

When A Chickenhawk Squawks

Written by The Indy Voice

I admit it, I don't like Karl Rove and almost everything that comes out of his cynical little mouth. If he isrepparttar brains behindrepparttar 145624 Republican party operation they're headed off of a steep political cliff. With that being said, I do admire his chutzpah, unapologetically saying things as inane as he does,

"Conservatives sawrepparttar 145625 savagery of 9/11 inrepparttar 145626 attacks and prepared for war; liberals sawrepparttar 145627 savagery ofrepparttar 145628 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."

Let me first say that this liberal, if I was so inclined, could slap Rove so hard his therapy needing head would spin around his little pencil neck. I would never do such a thing, not because I realize that it wouldn't get me anywhere or make me feel any better butrepparttar 145629 crisis of our President being advised by a moron would not be radically improved. Onrepparttar 145630 contrary,repparttar 145631 slap would probably damage many ofrepparttar 145632 few precious brain cells that Karl needs to desperately hold on to.

But Karl's strategy of not apologizing for uttering statements that are not based in reality is a good one.

Let's look atrepparttar 145633 situation throughrepparttar 145634 lens of logic. Karl makes a statement that is so asinine that onlyrepparttar 145635 most loyal of right wing talking heads would consider it profound. It's so outrageously simple minded and contradictory to reality that it begs for "outrage" from liberals like myself. But I won't entertain such garbage and I beg of you my liberal brethren, do not fall for this distractionary tactic.

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