“5 Fast Ideas to Freshen the Look of your Room

Written by Shannon Emmanuel

“Company’s coming and my place doesn’t look right…”

You know how it goes, you have visitors coming tonight. You’ve cleaned every room inrepparttar house (well, maybe notrepparttar 100037 bedroom). You’ve plannedrepparttar 100038 menu, and…it’s just not quite right. Perhaps you’ve been hankering for a change or maybe it strikes you out ofrepparttar 100039 air,repparttar 100040 room needs Something, but what?

Here’s five fast tips for when that re-decorating demon strikes and you haven’trepparttar 100041 budget or time to do much.

You can likely do all of these ideas for significantly less than $50, but because they are simple, I’ll explain alongrepparttar 100042 way what makesrepparttar 100043 difference.

1)Fresh Flowers You don’t need a $50 bouquet to make a room, but a stale look will get an instant boost with a bit of living, breathing, greenery. Consider a $20 tropical, large enough to fill in an empty corner, and spend another $20 on a colorful bunch of fresh cut flowers (if you shop well, you can even getrepparttar 100044 vase). This will give your room instant punch!

2)Bowl of Fruit & Table Cloth If you’re atrepparttar 100045 market anyway, don’t overlookrepparttar 100046 zest and color that a large bowl of fresh fruit lends torepparttar 100047 kitchen, dining room, or evenrepparttar 100048 coffee table. Great look that works well in all decors; fill a pottery dish with a variety, or a tall glass vase with a single fruit (ie: lemons or limes) or even line up a row of green apples alongrepparttar 100049 coffee or dining table for a contemporary feel. And since fruit is inexpensive, give yourself a shot of change by selecting a new table linen inrepparttar 100050 trendiest color ofrepparttar 100051 season to give your room a real lift or invest in a crisp white or cream cloth for a classic look.

How to Clean your Air Conditioner like a Pro

Written by Donald Grummett

February 2, 2005

Jack Frost is nipping at our nose and Santa Claus has just left. The eastern seaboard has just received their third blizzard for a total of over 125 cm (56 inches) of snow in one week. So, who in their right mind would be thinking about window air conditioners at this time of year?

Call me crazy, but I am.

It is a good time of year to start this project. Firstly, it keeps ones mind sharp forrepparttar coming spring. Plus, it allows you to try out those new tools you got for Christmas. Mainly though, it is a good winter project because byrepparttar 100036 time spring arrives you will be too busy to think about this job.

Very little is required to clean a window air conditioner, except lots of patience. If patience is something you lack then it is a job you should turn over torepparttar 100037 local appliance serviceman.

Tools ---------------------- ·Tin can or container (old muffin tin works well also) ·Vacuum cleaner ·Long handled brush (an old toilet brush works well) ·Oil can ·Rags ·De-greaser or spray detergent ·Selection of screwdrivers (Philips, Flat bladed, 1/4" socket head) ·Fin tool (optional) ·New filter (if disposable type)

Lets get started -----------

1. Start by removingrepparttar 100038 filter fromrepparttar 100039 front grille. If it is hidden behindrepparttar 100040 grille proceed to step 2. If it is a disposable filter simply replace it with a new one. Other types are made in a plastic frame and can be cleaned and reused. To clean a filter lay it flat inrepparttar 100041 sink and sprinkle surface with powder laundry detergent. Then cover with about one inch of hot water. Just enough sorepparttar 100042 filter is submerged. Soak for 15 minutes. Remove from water and rinse with warm water. Hang up to dry while proceeding to next step.

2. Next, removerepparttar 100043 front grille fromrepparttar 100044 main body ofrepparttar 100045 air conditioner. They usually pivot on two spring clips atrepparttar 100046 bottom. It is usually removed by pullingrepparttar 100047 grille gently forward while pushing it down atrepparttar 100048 same time. If there is resistance then look for hidden screws. Look nearrepparttar 100049 top edge ofrepparttar 100050 grille or behindrepparttar 100051 control knob door. Once removed placerepparttar 100052 grille aside until later.

3. Carefully remove metal cover of air conditioner to expose inner workings. Once allrepparttar 100053 screws are removed liftrepparttar 100054 cover straight up. Do not let it hitrepparttar 100055 other parts as it can have sharp edges. This is whererepparttar 100056 old can comes in handy (ice cube container or muffin tin works well also). Use it to keep track of allrepparttar 100057 screws you will be removing. An air conditioner will often use a number of different types and sizes of screws. Segregate them from each other or confusion will result when we start reassembly.

4. Checkrepparttar 100058 fan motor for any oil holes or oil plugs. Ifrepparttar 100059 motor has oil plugs they are usually rubber. Use caution when removing becauserepparttar 100060 rubber may have become brittle. Often they will break off inrepparttar 100061 oil holes resulting in a blockage. If this occurs try to removerepparttar 100062 broken plug by using a pin ofrepparttar 100063 tip of a small screwdriver. Oncerepparttar 100064 fan motor oil holes are exposed add a few drops of oil to each end ofrepparttar 100065 motor body. Use a general purpose (3in1) oil or clean motor oil. A #30 oil is sufficient. The natural tendency is to over-oil. Too much lubrication is as bad as not enough. Therefore only 3 or 4 drops on both ends ofrepparttar 100066 motor body is sufficient. Addrepparttar 100067 oil slowly, pausing a few seconds between each drop. If you add it too quickly over-lubrication will result.

5. Userepparttar 100068 brush to remove surface dust and dirt fromrepparttar 100069 evaporator (front fins). Use an up and down motion. Do not go side to side or allowrepparttar 100070 fins to be bent. The fins are very soft aluminum and can be damaged easily. Once surface dirt is removed, spray with de-greaser or cleaner. There is a good product onrepparttar 100071 market called HVAC cleaner. Asrepparttar 100072 name implies it is meant for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner coil cleaning. If this is not availablerepparttar 100073 Fantastic Spray cleaner used in kitchens and bathrooms works quite well. Let stand about 15 minutes or as per instructions on de-greaser can. This will allow cleaner to loosen any hidden dirt. Remove dirt and excess cleaner by slowly pouring warm water into fins. Do not allowrepparttar 100074 water to enter any electrical connections or components that may be nearrepparttar 100075 coil. As an added precaution coverrepparttar 100076 motor with one ofrepparttar 100077 cloth rags. to protect it fromrepparttar 100078 water. Do not use any form of high pressure air or water because this can drive dirt farther into fins. Also, use extreme caution as these coils are filled with high pressure refrigerant.

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