Written by Rolf Gompertz

North Hollywood, California – Abraham,repparttar patriarch of three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – isrepparttar 127044 focal point of “Abraham,repparttar 127045 Dreamer: An Erotic and Sacred Love Story,” by Rolf Gompertz, a Jewish writer and novelist. The fast-paced, provocative, biblical novel exploresrepparttar 127046 turbulent love triangle involving Abraham, his emotionally distant wife, Sarah, and her handmaid, Hagar, “the other woman,” who is assigned to give Abraham a son and becomesrepparttar 127047 love of his life. The print-on-demand, paperback book may be browsed online and purchased direct fromrepparttar 127048 publisher at http://www.iUniverse.com or toll-free at 1/877/823-9235. It is also available from any neighborhood bookstore (ISBN 0-595-17697-6, 260 pages, $14.95) or from http://www.amamzon.com . Ingram Books isrepparttar 127049 wholesaler.

The troubled love triangle culminates with Abraham’s near-fatal sacrifice of Isaac,repparttar 127050 son born finally torepparttar 127051 childless Sarah. The book, aboutrepparttar 127052 “First Family” of Jews, Christians and Muslims, offers an unconventional interpretation ofrepparttar 127053 biblical story, with Sarah portrayed as a high priestess in service to Inanna,repparttar 127054 Sumerian goddess of Love and War, while Abraham responds torepparttar 127055 call of a new, single, invisible God. The story is set againstrepparttar 127056 pagan practices ofrepparttar 127057 times, including Canaanite Moloch-worship, with its child sacrifices, andrepparttar 127058 erotic Sacred Marriage Rite performed by Sarah in Sumer, Egypt and Canaan. (Note: This novel contains sexually explicit material.)


Written by Rolf Gompertz

A creative dead end can produce wonders.

That was proved to me once again in a most dramatic way. It involvedrepparttar cover design of my new book, a provocative biblical novel, titled, “Abraham, The Dreamer / An Erotic and Sacred Love Story.”

I had submitted my thoughts forrepparttar 127043 cover design torepparttar 127044 publisher (iUniverse.com). I explained thatrepparttar 127045 story is about a love triangle, involving Abraham, his wife Sarah, and her handmaid, Hagar, “the other woman.” I suggested thatrepparttar 127046 cover capture that relationship.

Of course, there’s much more torepparttar 127047 story, and I filled inrepparttar 127048 details at some length. After all, this is not a contemporary novel in a contemporary setting. We are talking about life 4000 years ago, with its many gods and goddesses, its child sacrifices and erotic Sacred Marriage Rites. Abraham’s wife, Sarah, could very well have been, what I portray her to be, a high priestess serving Inanna,repparttar 127049 great goddess of Love and War. We have Abraham, who turned against his society to follow a new and different God. What made him do that, I wondered, as I tried to recreate his life and tell his story. Furthermore, what made him transfer his love from Sarah to Hagar?

I tried to giverepparttar 127050 designer a sense ofrepparttar 127051 individuals and ofrepparttar 127052 story that lay hidden inrepparttar 127053 laconic biblical account.

Whenrepparttar 127054 cover design came back to me I knew I was in trouble. The artwork suggested a knightly romance set in England duringrepparttar 127055 Middle Ages. Butrepparttar 127056 story is about Sumer, Canaan and Egypt, and nomadic, biblical characters who lived some three thousand years beforerepparttar 127057 Middle Ages. How couldrepparttar 127058 designers have been so far offrepparttar 127059 mark? I learned, what I had not known before, thatrepparttar 127060 design department was not set up to provide original artwork. The designers could only work with existing stock art and clip art. Though plentiful, this art could not producerepparttar 127061 “look” that I was looking for.

I was now faced with two problems. First, a deadline. I had about two weeks to come up with an idea that could be made to work. Otherwise,repparttar 127062 book would be canceled and I would have to start with it all over again as a “new” project.

Second, I didn’t know if I could come up with a satisfactory, workable cover idea. I considered hiring an outside graphic artist. A quick check indicated that there would not be enough time for this and that it would be costly, if not prohibitive.

So I did what was only proper under such circumstances: I freaked out! Or, to be perfectly honest, I freaked out — some more! I was desperate. I knew I had to stop thinking aboutrepparttar 127063 original cover concept. I had to stop my circular thinking, or, to put it another way, I had to start thinking outsiderepparttar 127064 box. In short, I had to think creatively.

The creative process itself is elusive. It works in a most mysterious way. It usually consists of statingrepparttar 127065 problem, defining it and turning it over to your mind to think about and solve. I have often found thatrepparttar 127066 answer,repparttar 127067 solution comes to me whenrepparttar 127068 mind is relaxed and at rest. Invariably, I wake up at two or three inrepparttar 127069 morning. At first I’m annoyed. I wonder why I woke up. Then I lie quietly. Presently, I become conscious of some answer or solution to a “problem” floating into view.

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