Your website has a secret!

Written by Edward Charkow

That's right, your website is hiding some valuable information from you. It knows who is visiting it, where they are going, and even more importantly - why they leave!

Understanding your websites traffic statistics, logs, and gathered information is like asking someone to blindfold you while you are driving.

Those statistics aren't really hiding, but a majority of webmasters don't use them because it's just a bunch of overwhelming numbers, that really don't make sense to them. If you have a Cpanel based host, most ofrepparttar statistics you will ever need is at your fingertips.

I knowrepparttar 139432 first thing I go for once I get in my website statistics is referrers, and keywords. I want to know where my traffic is coming from and from what keywords.

There are some things you want to see in your statistics, and some things you don't.

1.) "Stickiness"- You want to see people staying on your page for more than a few seconds. If you have a ton of visitors and none of them stay on your site for more than a few seconds, you have a problem and it's time to address it. Figure out WHY they are leaving, make those changes and then reanalyze in a week.

2.) Most Requested Pages- Your statistics can tell yourepparttar 139433 most requested pages. Those arerepparttar 139434 pages that visitors go torepparttar 139435 most. The least requested pages may require some work or content added to increase their popularity.

How To Use Database Marketing To Skyrocket Your Online Profits

Written by Tony Newton

Database Marketing isrepparttar gathering and storing of specific information about your prospects or customers. This information is usually stored in a database program on your computer. You would then userepparttar 139249 information to market and advertise to them. It can save you time and money because you can target your promotional efforts to your best prospects or customers.

The Types Of Information To Collect

The information will vary depending onrepparttar 139250 product or service you're selling. If you're selling a product that costs $2 you wouldn't collect information about their yearly income. If you're selling web space you wouldn't collect information about what type of books they read. The basic information you need would be all their contact information, purchase history, and birthday. You will need to decide what other information would benefit your business.

How To Collect This Information Online

It's pretty easy to collect this information online butrepparttar 139251 hard part is getting people to give it you. The best way to collect this information is to give them something FREE in return. Ask them to fill out an e-mail survey before subscribing to your free e-zine. Tell everyone who visits your web site they will get a free e-book when they fill out your online questionnaire form. Ask them this information before they sign up for a free contest at your web site. Sometimes you have to give a little something to get a little information online.

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