What is a Business Opportunity?

Written by Darrell Knox

People throwrepparttar term business opportunity around pretty loosely these days. Beforerepparttar 117008 internet took off, a business opportunity was a franchise like McDonalds or Wendys. Or maybe a vending machine route or insurance sales position in your local area.

Mainly what people considered business opportunities was that you had to be an entrepreneur with investment capital to take advantage of an opportunity. So a business opportunity was something only someone with money to invest could take advantage of. You had to have money to make money.

Nowadays, people byrepparttar 117009 thousands make money on Ebay and through millions of websites selling everything from wigs, to toys, to cars, houses, and electronics. A business opportunity exists for every man woman and child onrepparttar 117010 planet who hasrepparttar 117011 drive to learn howrepparttar 117012 internet works and just how many different ways there are to make money.

Some business opportunities onrepparttar 117013 net require an investment of thousands of dollars. Others require only that you have a website and hosting for it. $24 a month can set you up with an affiliate business opportunity right now. I even have a free website I give people, loaded with products and customized so that you get commissions for every sale made on your site.

You donít have to know HTML. You donít have to know how to get a merchant account. And most of all, to get started, you donít even have to have your own products. By farrepparttar 117014 most people making money online are doing it as affiliates who refer people to products, services, and information for commissions.

So You Want to be a Freelancer? Here's How!

Written by Vishal P. Rao

Copyright 2004 Vishal P. Rao

Not that long ago, freelancing was something people did mainly in larger metropolitan areas where work for writers, artists, and other creative types was plentiful and easily accessible. Today, however,repparttar freelance landscape has dramatically changed.

For one, you can live practically anywhere inrepparttar 117007 world and still be able to maintain a successful freelance career. Not to mention thatrepparttar 117008 creative fields aren'trepparttar 117009 only areas where freelancing is popular any more.

Today, accountants, trainers, computer technicians, etc. are all able to earn a living as freelancers. Regardless ofrepparttar 117010 freelancing field you are interested in, there are some important things you should know that will help you get started and get successful.

Before we discuss those, however, we need to talk briefly aboutrepparttar 117011 pros andrepparttar 117012 cons of being a freelancer. You need to know both sides before you make your decision so you truly understand what you're getting into.

Freelancer Pros

1. You set your own schedule As a freelancer, you get to determine what time you get out of bed and what time you turn in at night. You get to decide how much vacation time you can afford to take this year and you can elect to skip work one afternoon to spend time with your children.

2. You don't work for a boss Even though you are answerable to your clients, they don't wieldrepparttar 117013 same power over your life that a boss does. Yes, they can fire you, but you can also quit working for them if things get too difficult.

3. You determine how much you earn While a conventional job pays a set amount of money regardless of how hard you work (and in some cases how long you work), freelancing allows you to make practically any amount of money that you wish because you determine how much your services cost and how many jobs you take on at one time.

4. You are able to work from your own office Whether you prefer working in a home office or renting space somewhere to do your business, you are in charge of designing and maintaining your own comfortable office. You get to pickrepparttar 117014 people you work with. You get to pickrepparttar 117015 type of computer, post-it notes, and bottled water that you use on a daily basis also.

Freelancers Cons

1. You can become overworked quickly When you start working steadily as a freelancer, it becomes nearly impossible for you to truly take a vacation. You have projects and clients that need your constant attention, so being gone or getting sick even for a day can put you behind schedule.

2. You have to deal with clients who can be more difficult than bosses Most ofrepparttar 117016 clients freelancers work with are genuinely good people, but there are others out there that are not. Every freelancer has probably been ripped off by a client at one time or another, even if they take steps to protect themselves.

3. You don't have a steady income Unless you have one or two truly constant streams of work, you can expect your income to fluctuate dramatically. Some months you may feel like you struckrepparttar 117017 lottery while others may make you think you're heading forrepparttar 117018 food stamp line, especially when you are starting out.

4. You don't have a way to separate work from home life If you have a home office, you may find it difficult to recognizerepparttar 117019 difference between being at home and being at work which means that while your watching television or eating dinner you may begin to feel like you're actually still onrepparttar 117020 job.

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