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Wardriving Ethics

Written by Richard Johnson


Background Information In order to start to understand what War-Driving is, some information needs to be explained. Wireless networking is a fairly new technology which is being used all overrepparttar world. Both home users and business alike are using wireless technology. Using wireless technology lets computer users connect torepparttar 107828 Internet and to their network without being restricted by cables.

Pros of wireless networks - Users can connect to Internet and their network without using cables Users can be nine-hundred feet or more away from an access point which enables connectivity Cons of wireless networks Itís a new technology and still inrepparttar 107829 infancy stage. Security of information on network can be compromised

War-driving War-driving is a process which an individual uses a wireless device such as a laptop or PDA to drive around looking for wireless networks. Some people do this as a hobby and map out different wireless networks whichrepparttar 107830 find. Other people, who can be considered hackers, will look for wireless networks and then break intorepparttar 107831 networks. If a wireless is not secure, it can be fairly easy to break intorepparttar 107832 network and obtain confidential information. Even with security, hackers can breakrepparttar 107833 security and hack.

War-chalking War-chalking is a method, usually using chalk, to display information on wireless networks. War-driving is usuallyrepparttar 107834 method used to search for networks, and thenrepparttar 107835 person will mark a network with chalk that gives information aboutrepparttar 107836 network. Some ofrepparttar 107837 information would include, whatrepparttar 107838 network name is, whetherrepparttar 107839 network has security, and possiblyrepparttar 107840 contact information of who ownsrepparttar 107841 network.

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