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VoIP Communications takesrepparttar uncertainty out of hosting - and puts service, performance and value back in. No matter which hosting type or plan you choose, your site receives 24/7 maintenance and protection in our world-class data center. And you getrepparttar 134348 expert, friendly service you deserve.

FREE 24x7 live tech support FREE 24x7 monitoring Our World-class Data Centers Best-of-breed routers, firewalls & servers 24x7 onsite physical security Secure SSL Certificates (optional extra) New! New! Hosting Plans Virtual Dedicated Servers Dedicated Servers From $3.95/month Ideal for most individuals and small business. From $39.95/month Convenience and cost- effective server control. From $219.00/month The ultimate in performance

Small Business Package

Written by BanPro NET

January 10, 2005 BanPro NET announcesrepparttar addition of a "Small Business Package" to it's web hosting services. Specializing in small and home based business web services since 2000, this package isrepparttar 134347 result of careful research intorepparttar 134348 basic needs and demands of small business hosting clients. There's plenty of server capacity for a website to grow from and tons of additional free software targeted towardsrepparttar 134349 small and home business all at a very affordable rate. This package is intended to not just meet a client's needs, but also to help (the often non-technical) customer in overcomingrepparttar 134350 many challenges that building a successful small business website comes with.

Details on this new Small Business Package can be found at www.banpro.net

--- :About BanPro NET: BanPro NET first began providing web services in 2000, with only a single server in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The day that first server went online, Scott Bannon,repparttar 134351 owner of BanPro NET used a black Magic-Marker to writerepparttar 134352 following message on an office wall; "To provide high quality products and services. To treat each customer as a good friend. To be an asset to our community. This isrepparttar 134353 BanPro NET philosophy."

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