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$1200. For Referring 1 Home Seller

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Don't Get Grief From Ezine Readers : 10 Reasons To Always Use A "Double Opt-in" Policy For Your Email Newsletter

Written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

My friend Joe was very angry. He has just launched his ezine. Last week, he called me in a panic.

"My ISP is threatening to shut me down" he cried.

"Why, what happened?" I asked.

Slowly, working through his agitation and angst, I gathered that one of his ezine 'subscribers' had accused Joe of 'spamming' - sending email (or in this case, an ezine) to someone who had NOT requested it. It took a week of repeated phone calls and emails to his ISP before he could get back to his ezine publishing tasks.

It could happen to anyone. Even you!

And this made me wonder - Why would any ezine publisher 'spam' readers? Or even open him/herself to such accusations?

The simple answer - Many just don't know how easy it is to avoid.

In my book "Ezine Launch - Creating 'Killer' Ezines", I strongly emphasizerepparttar importance ofrepparttar 117442 subscribing process. And that's what this article will do too - give you TEN reasons to keep your ezine subscribers happy, enthusiastic about your writing, and ultimately make them your most valued customers.

Do it right and you can play them like a musical instrument, get them to sway to your tune, listen to what you're saying, believe you, respect you.

And presto, you have yourself a new customer.

Once this trusting relationship is established, you can name your own price and your readers will order from you. Your sales will explode, profits will skyrocket.

But only if you do it right !

Today unforgiving subscribers are less tolerant of poor ezine design and administration. They vote for bad ezines by hittingrepparttar 117443 "Unsubscribe" button. The margin of error in ezine publishing is small.

That is why a tutorial like Ezine Launch - http://www.EzineMarketingCenter.com/ezinelaunch/ is an invaluable tool, a hand-holding guide to your initial ventures into publishing email newsletters, leading you step-by-step throughrepparttar 117444 difficult first steps to e-publishing success.

And well begun is half-done. That's where Double Opt-In comes in.

What does this mean?

With double opt-in, you don't send out your ezine to everyone who asks for it - until they have confirmed their request by either visiting a website or responding to an email message. This not only verifies thatrepparttar 117445 ezine request is genuine, it also provides you -repparttar 117446 ezine publisher - with proof of this request.

To see what I mean, visit our ezine sign-up page at Ezine Launch Monthly at http://www.EzineMarketingCenter.com/ezlmonthly/

Detractors claim that with double opt-in you lose readers.

True, some people who ask for your ezine may not re-confirm.

But think about it - how many of them are likely to become loyal customers or long-term readers? What you're losing arerepparttar 117447 tire-kickers,repparttar 117448 freebie seekers who transiently flit from one thing to another.

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